New Microtransaction: Judgement Fist of War Effect

Mtx itself looks great but also looking at PoE as it stands right now it seems pointless to use any mtx. Game is way too fast and flashy and with 100+ buffs from HH the only thing you see on the screen are your feet.

And even without HH there are so many things happening on the screen that you don't really know if you're standing on any debuff ground or not. We have such a large amount of all sorts of effects on the maps that everything just blurs (including our armour sets. The only place we can admire them are our hideouts).
Last edited by Unk_Particle on Feb 22, 2021, 9:09:02 AM
60x7 wrote:
Whos fist is this anyway?

okay we taking the childish fortnite direction now?
This will sell insanely:D GZ on epic mtx.
is that the hand of thanos from fortnite ? poggers
Oh great. Here come the "bleed fisting build" memes. ;)
Oh wow another MTX.
The game is literally unplayable but thank God you guys released a new MTX.
meh... no demonic minion and map device...
My god, can you people BE SILENT about the "bugs" "unplayable" "oh my god, stop wasting time" nonsense?!

The MTX team is NOT the same ones who do balance work. Hell, I'm not even sure any of the devs even LOOK at the forums, so save the Moderators and Admins, and the rest of us, the drivel that gets spilled all over these posts.

ANYWHO, nice fist! Make War, Not Maps. :)

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