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What the? Hidden Invitation....

6_din_49 wrote:
and corrupted blood immunity for Uul-Netol.

Ty for the info.

Vennto wrote:
Evade means you already have not much physical mitigation, am I right? What about further elemental reduction? Less damage taken? reduced damage taken? fortify? Regen/Life leech?

I wasn't aware this post is about builds, did you expect me to list all stats and detail the entire build?

Vennto wrote:
I can literally wait til all 4 of those are spawned and facetank them. You need to revisit your build and your defense-concept.

Good for you, not every build and player wanna be able to facetank endgame.

Nubatack wrote:
This is good for white maps

Right, lol. (not) Maybe in HC.
Last edited by DeathfulDan on Feb 23, 2021, 4:46:10 PM
DeathfulDan wrote:
Build: 12M dps, 5700 ES. 54% evade, plus block, dodge... (And all resistances including chaos are capped ofc too)

Just to echo the comments from others here, your build is not tanky. "Plus block, plus dodge"? Mate, you have 22% attack block, no spell block. You only have 24% attack/spell dodge (elusive). Your phys EHP is 14k and you don't have a CWDT setup.

Listen to the feedback from others.

One of Maven's abilities should be amplifying their damage. If you didn't get one-shotted, maybe you are just lucky she didn't use that ability.

If only someone can data-mine the list of things Maven does to bosses while watching them fight.
BrettLee wrote:
your build is not tanky.

Nobody claimed it to be. Nobody claimed the build to be finished. Nobody claimed I did or didn't know about all the different methods of defending yourself. I only mentioned a couple numbers to say hey this is not a noob on a crap build who can't do endgame complaining about one close-to-endgame thing. You're missing the point. Or you're claiming hey now only hc viable builds are allowed to finish the atlas.

But when no other monster ability can one shoot you and a required step to finish your atlas includes an arena that doesn't allow you to live for more than 2 seconds, something is just out of proportion. That's all.

There are a few defensive mechanics you can abuse as Evasion character:
1) Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics
2) Wind Dancer
3) Immortal call + Increased Duration support on left click (instead of "Move Only"), to activate it automatically on cd, and also move, of course
4) Cluster jewel with "Enduring Composure" for auto-endurance charge generation. Has great synergy with Immortal Call and Wind Dancer
5) If you're pathfinder, use Taste of Hate flask for phys dmg taken as cold, + less cold damage taken
6) Also for pathfinder, anoint "Hardened Scars" and use it in combination with a hybrid flask with "Mana recovery occurs instantly at the end of flask", for permanent fortify
Last edited by 6_din_49 on Feb 26, 2021, 6:25:47 PM
For me, it was just Xoph and Tul standing next to each other. Tul didn't even perform her barrage. It was just Xoph auto-attack one-shotted me three times. I didn't die to anything else in there. Didn't even notice when exactly I killed Uul-Netol. Esh was the last survivor and she had all the time to perform her tricks but they don't hurt me or perhaps I rolled dodge.

I suspect Maven could buff their damage. Hence Xoph received her buff that time because the rest didn't hurt me. Tul did make him tankier that's for sure. But everything went fine once Xoph was down.

I'm also playing a dodge-based glass cannon and I have around the same DPS as thread-starter.
Did it, died only once. Only added corrupted blood immunity and focused on xoph. It hit me once right before it died, killing me. After that the other 3 melted as usual.

Thanks to the people with helpful comments and I hope this thread might help others too searching for info on this invitation.

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