[Xbox] 3.13.1d Patch Notes

DeeUU8938 wrote:
BigBeng93 wrote:

Your game is unplayable right now on consoles=

This is hyperbole.

No it is not, how i am supposed to kill sirus, for exemple, when every time he fires his beam the game froze for one second and i can't dodge it, how i am supposed to go through valdo's rest when harbinger nodes make the console froze when you encounter them and i can't respec because the orb drop are abysmal (i can't imagine people who plays SSF...) and their price way to high, how can i play the game when desync happen every two time i use a travel skill and die because of it... ? And i'm not the only one experience it.
I could continue hours to give exemples (this sentence is a hyperbole).

I usualy reach awaik 8 in the first month of the game, i'm only awaik 5 because i lost so much maps because of lagging death and crashs...
So no this is not an hyperbole, it's litteraly unplayable, to the point where i had to stop playing it.

Otherwise how do you call a game that make someone stop playing because he can't progress, because of the performances ? Please enlighten me
I agree, sirus, atziri is unplayable on xbox one. 15-20 fps with drops to 5 and freezes. Totally unplayable. On maps isnt better around 20 fps with drops to 3 and freeze. Its worse in league encounters.
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Agreed. I’ve been playing since Bestiary league. I’ve consistently watched each new league get progressively worse and worse as far as performance. They are blasting the F out of each new league by brining in past league encounters, instead of putting in the time and effort to create an AWESOME new league every 3-4 months. To me, I believe that keeping so many things is just redundant and unnecessary, and it’s really making it, yes, UNPLAYABLE. I am a diehard fan, I have 120 DAYS logged in just this game on my Xbox. That is consecutive time played, not days I’ve been on for a min here and there. I’ve put in hundreds of dollars into my account for tabs, effects, portals, etc as many others have. But the performance is GARBAGE. They’re willing to sacrifice performance though because the dollars keep rolling in. And instead of addressing MAJOR ISSUES, they decide “let’s put up a weapon effect for sale.” Or some crap like that. Pretty disappointing. It once was the best game out there since Diablo. But now, they’re following the same route as Blizzard and crashing and burning. Pathetic.
Agree, not to mention the crash and lagging during ritual and some affix of red map, ok I try to endure it, HOWEVER, I cant play at all if I have harbinger opened.

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