[Xbox] 3.13.1d Patch Notes

The patch will be deployed at 5PM PST

[Xbox] 3.13.1d Patch Notes

  • Maven's Invitations for The Uncharted Realms Atlas region now indicate which bosses have already been witnessed by The Maven.
  • Fixed a bug where the Guardian's Aid Atlas Passive node could sometimes fail to activate.
  • Fixed a bug where the Alternate Quality effect on Anomalous Golem gems wasn't working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Alternate Quality effect on the Phantasmal Earthquake gem wasn't working correctly.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Zana's Map Device modifiers weren't displayed in the list of map modifiers after entering a map.
  • Fixed a visual bug introduced with 3.13.1c that could occur when hovering over amulets and cluster jewels.
Will return in October / Вернусь в октябре
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Optimizing rendering for original xbox ones when?
When can be expect Xbox issues to be addressed?
With performance so bad right now and they fix this.
Cant even fix, when you leave instance all progress is lost.

Just wish they would play their game on xbox and c how badly it is performing
Something has definately changed in the way shadows are rendered, looks like the distance at which they appear has been reduced.

Also, is it just me or has the viewpoint changed?, looks more zoomed in......

I also wish they'd fix the random crash to home on selecting the ritual / stash / opening inventory.
I agree, sirus, atziri is unplayable on xbox one. 15-20 fps with drops to 5 and freezes. Totally unplayable. On maps isnt better around 20 fps with drops to 3 and freeze. Its worse in league encounters.
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Agreed. I’ve been playing since Bestiary league. I’ve consistently watched each new league get progressively worse and worse as far as performance. They are blasting the F out of each new league by brining in past league encounters, instead of putting in the time and effort to create an AWESOME new league every 3-4 months. To me, I believe that keeping so many things is just redundant and unnecessary, and it’s really making it, yes, UNPLAYABLE. I am a diehard fan, I have 120 DAYS logged in just this game on my Xbox. That is consecutive time played, not days I’ve been on for a min here and there. I’ve put in hundreds of dollars into my account for tabs, effects, portals, etc as many others have. But the performance is GARBAGE. They’re willing to sacrifice performance though because the dollars keep rolling in. And instead of addressing MAJOR ISSUES, they decide “let’s put up a weapon effect for sale.” Or some crap like that. Pretty disappointing. It once was the best game out there since Diablo. But now, they’re following the same route as Blizzard and crashing and burning. Pathetic.

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