Community Event: Team Blast hosted by Havoc616

finally an actual RACE instead of just who can no-life the hardest for 1 week.
Pretty interesting format.
No, not for me. But GL to those who bothers.
I´m not and never been much of a racer in these kinds of games anyways.
I remember times, when GGG was doing events... :/
Playing marauder @ Hardcore leagues

Video is up 10 days and only now posted as announcement?
Needs a highlight in the main post that this is a non-hardcore aka softcore/standard race. I know they hate the word softcore but c'mon, non-hardcore will have a higher chance of getting different kind of players' attention.
just a scrub.
RIP Badger league
Community event? I wish Poe was playable offline with NO multiplayer aspects.
Big up to Jeff and the console team.
First SC community event and you can't participate solo. SMH
Is the info sheet linked out of date, or do they really only have 3 teams signed up?

Edit: ~250 rows used now, so probably 35-40 teams. So much for a dummy account and I lazing our way to a bit of cash with only 70ish points.
Did you ever see history portrayed as an old man with a wise brow and pulseless heart, weighing all things in the balance of reason?
Is not rather the genius of history like an eternal, imploring maiden, full of fire, with a burning heart and flaming soul, humanly warm and humanly beautiful?
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