[DEAD] Wormblaster 2021 [Dark Pact Null's Inclination] [All Contents]

♦ Worm ♦ Blaster ♦ Is ♦ Dead ♦ Baby ♦

I did it!... no I mean We did it! They took away spell chain from quivers, added a cooldown to Null's Inclination, and even removed the "bug" where minions cannot consume flask enchantment charges. This build is now officially dead. BUT WILL IT THO??

3.13 Memorial
♦ Worm ♦ Blaster ♦ Is ♦ Back ♦ Baby ♦

What is Wormblaster
Wormblaster is a build that utilizes 5 Writhing Jar which spawns 2 enemy worms per jar which will easily help trigger on kill effects.

History of Wormblaster
Disclaimer: following builds were not created by me.
Credits goes to C9Q9MD.

The First Wormblaster
Patch: 2.2 Perandus League
The Writhing Jar is introduced to the game. Using the old Abyssal Cry, affected enemies killed will explode, dealing quarter of its damage to nearby enemies as chaos damage. Worms had a very high base hp back then. This combined with Bladefall creates a shotgun loop which kills most bosses in game with 1 hit.

The Second Wormblaster
Patch: 2.2.1 Perandus League
GGG nerfed the Writhing Jar by reducing the worm's hp. Abyssal Cry no longer deal as much damage as it were before. A new Cast on Melee Kill is thus born, with the Harvest axe granting full flask charge return on critical strikes. During this time, CoMK and Flask Charge on Crit had no cooldown between procs.

The Third Wormblaster
Patch: 2.4 Essence League
GGG adjusted how Cast on Crit, Cast on Melee Kill and other Trigger spells work. These will only trigger one spell at a time with a 500ms cooldown. "Cast on Crit is dead" as people said. However the wormblaster is not. By shattering worms created using cold damage, this triggers Herald of Ice's explosion effect, again dealing shotgun AoE damage to enemies.

The Forth Wormblaster
Patch: 2.4 Essence League
An alternate of Crit Wormblaster, this one uses Pathfinder's flask regeneration and Herald of Ash, shotgunning the excess damage from Rain of Arrows, using Chin Sol and Point Blank. This build is rather underwhelming on consistency comparing with the third one.

Wormblaster 4.5?
Patch: 3.2 Bestiary League
There was an interation with Southbound and Stormfire where players can accumulate a large amount of worms without killing them and then inflict a shock on all the worms which grants a near-infinite amount of damage boost due to Stormfire ring. It was soon fixed in next league.

The Fifth Wormblaster
Patch: 3.3 Incursion League
The Harvest is nerfed in 2.5. Flask charges gained from critical strike has a 0.2 second cooldown. Build is dead.
In 3.3 players found out that the Dark Pact gem introduced in 3.0 actually has a minion tag. This means the skill can be triggered from Null's Inclination, which does not have a trigger cooldown/ count limit at all despite the 2.4 nerf. Hence, by killing a bunch of worms using this bow, dozens of instances of dark pact is triggered instantly, dealing tremendous shotgun damage.

The flask sustain of this is terrible, and thus Wormblaster ends up being kind of a meme build.
Why Wormblaster now?
Since 3.3, Wormblaster has received several major updates:

3.9 Metamorph League introduced Mother's Embrace
3.10 Delirium League introduced Cluster Jewels
3.11 Harvest League introduced Flask Enchantments
3.12 Heist League introduced Divergent Dark Pact

With all these updates, Wormblaster is once again enabled, featuring insane shotgun damage and mapping consistency.

Main Mechanics

1. Using Galvanic Arrow triggers Asenath's Chant.
2. Asenath's Chant casts Raise Skeleton, level 21 spawns 4.
3. Each Raised Skeleton uses all 5 flasks due to Mother's Embrace. 4 Skeletons drink potions 20 times, generating 40 worms.
4. Galvanic Arrow hits 40 worms at once, triggering 2x socketed dark pact for 40 times each.
5. 80 Dark Pacts chain 3 additional times, resulting a total of 320 hits on boss with 1 Galvanic Arrow cast.
Sustaining Flask Charges

1. 4x Flask Cluster Jewels with Mender's Wellspring and Fasting
==> 4 Flask Charges per 3 seconds

2. Essence Extraction on Skill Tree
==> 1 Flask Charge per 3 seconds

3. Elevated Warlord Chest
==> 1 Flask Charge per 3 seconds

4. Soul of Ryslatha Pantheon
(note that we never use flasks, so the buff is always up)
==> 3 Flask Charges per 3 seconds
====> Total: 9 Flask Charges per 3 seconds.

Increased Flask Charges Gain modifier: 113%
====> End Result: 19 Flask Charges per 3 seconds.

General mapping does not require this many flask charge regeneration.
This is solely designed for bossing comfortness.
Using Flask Charges

We need 5x 18%+ flasks with "50% reduced charges used" Enchantment from Harvest.
This enchantment does not consume when used by skeletons.
Finally a 39%+ Mother's Embrace will cause skeletons to use 4 flask charges only. Thus 4 skeletons will use 12 charges only, but generates 40 worms.

Math: 20 x (1 - 50% - 18%) x (1 - 39%) = 3.968 = 3 Flask Charges

**Note that Flask Charge Consumption will round down, meaning the roll values of flasks and belt must be above 17/40, or 18/39, or 19/36, or 20/34.
18/39 is the easiest to obtain in my experience.
Surviving without flasks
One of the pros on this build is that you do not need to press any flasks at all (goodbye Carpal Tunnel), but this also means you have issues to solve while not clicking flasks.

Brush with Death: Recovers 1% life and energy shield on kill. If we use 2, when we attack and kill 40 worms each time, 80% of our ehp is recovered. We use Corrupted Soul for this reason. Who needs Pious Path lol. Oh and remember Zerphi's Last Breath when it was good?

Cannot regenerate Mana map: Get a +2 Mana gain on attack hit jewel. You will gain 80 mana each time you hit the worms.

Stun Immunity: Boots Enchant "80% Chance to Avoid Stun" with 20% extra from quiver or Jewel implicits (harvest craft)
An alternative is to get Warlord's Elevated "Socketed Attacks have -20 to Total Mana Cost, Avoid Interruption from Stuns while using Socketed Attack Skills" on Body Armour. This however means you will have to elevate 2 suffix mod on a body armour, which is an 18% chance Maven Orb gamble.

Freeze Immunity: Boots Crafted Modifier from Betrayal Rin's Veiled Mod

Corrupted Blood and Silence: Jewel Implicit through corruption.

Porcupine: Just add a bit cold damage to your ring and it shall shatter most of the mobs.
Skeletons Surviving Dark Pact
Each Dark Pact consumes 6% of skeleton life. This means 16 Dark Pact will kill the skeleton. We have 80 Dark Pact to cast.
Divergent Dark Pact recovers 2% skeleton life on hit. This means skeletons will no longer die due to 1 Dark Pact hit recovering 8% life effectively, sustaining the 80 Dark Pact cast.
On Kill Effects
Every on kill effect in this game including those with a low % chance guarantees 100% uptime for us. This includes:
- Life/ES recover on kill
- Power/End/Frenzy charge gain on kill
- Onslaught on kill
- Phasing on kill
- Rampage
How to Gain Free Rampage
Free Real Estate
You use a glove with rampage and kill worms. Remove gloves and rampage stays.
Ritual of Shadows
Ritual of Shadows grant (25-35)% increased Chaos Damage and 25% chance to inflict Withered for 2 seconds on Hit. With 80 hits per cast we achieve max wither stacks at no time, granting 90% increased damage taken instantly.

Possible Glorious Vanity Number (according to Google and comments): 721 1971 2834 3513 4002 4470 6766 6791

Gears and Passives
Otherwise you will accidentally use the flasks due to Quicksilver reflex.
Swap Conc Effect with Awakened Controlled Destruction for mapping

The 69% roll is not required. But it is necessary.

You can use 5-passive Voices instead of 3. 7 is also ok if you are on a budget.

Glorious Vanity: Doryani + a good Notable on Arcane Vision
(%life, %es, spell crit/damage, minion life/damage)
(Mine is Ritual of Shadows)

Rampage Swap

Starter / Budget Options

Path of Building
(Using PoB fork)
Final: https://pastebin.com/RNmk8spn

A rather early/budget version (level 80): https://pastebin.com/gPmqx0P3
Ninja Imports
^^^ For Most Updated Gears and stuffs ^^^
- Set Dark Pact Cast on Skeletons
- Set Skeleton life to 11000 (value is shown in calcs under summon skeletons)
- Set all charges up (because we really have them up)
- Set unnerve on enemy (Master of Fear)

Theoretical Damage per Cast (12 flask charges): 331645.7 x 320 = 106M
(This value is without Vaal RF)

Ascendant (Pathfinder + Assassin) Variative: https://pastebin.com/uncyircY (quite outdated)

Additional Information
Why not Pathfinder?
Pathfinder gives 3 flask charges per 3 seconds. This along with Pantheon actually solves all flask regeneration problem. However, since we are not using any flasks, all other nodes are practically useless. I would consider Ascendant Pathfinder + Assassin as a proper choice for a budget version. DPS however would be a bit lower.
Why not Profane Bloom/Crusader Explode?
Any explosions in this build would kill worms, lowering the effectiveness of triggering Dark Pact.
Why Galvanic Arrow?
Rain of Arrow has a delay animation. And it does not hit all worms at once. Worms are very likely to be killed by other effects before you can kill them. Galvanic Arrow however kills all worms at once before they land on ground. It is sometimes bad due to terrain and positioning, but you can get used to it.
Why not Chain support/Poison Variation?
While these might give a higher damage per cast, it does not grant a higher damage per second. This version here focuses on frontloading damage, as we want to kill a boss with the shortest time.
Blessed Rebirth Notable
Blessed Rebirth does not prevent sacrifice damage from Dark Pact. It does however prevent all other sources of damage to your skeleton, meaning your skeleton will not die to other damage sources, lowering your dark pact power. You can also use Anomalous Summon Skeletons as a replacement to the Minion Cluster, but in fact Minion Life mods are quite a boost to your Dark Pact Damage.
From Dust

I do not recommend using From Dust for this build.
It consumes all your flask charges each time you cast.
It adds a 1 second cooldown where you cannot do anything except fleeing.
You just cannot fix your mistakes and have to hope your first shot worked.
And it does not increase total DPS at all (it does however speed up the rate you deal the damage).
Minimum requirement to start this build
Here are the Mandatory items (may vary due to popularity):

6L Null's - 30c
Flasks with Harvest Enchantment - 50c~80c each
You should prefer farming those enchantment yourself. I bought them from TFT discord for 20c-30c each
Asenath's Chant - 90c
Mother's Embrace - 50c
Glorious Vanity (Doryani) - 30c
Corrupted Blood Implicit Jewel - depends on roll
At least 1 Divergent Dark Pact - 15c

Voices or Chaos Large Cluster - 3~4 ex each
Fasting + Mender's Wellspring (need at least 3) - 2~3 ex each
Brush with Death - 5c

So around 20ex required to start the build with Ritual SC Economy.
Crafting Amulet
On a hunter ilvl 83 amulet:
1. Alt until +1 all int and random suffix
2. imprint and regal for another random suffix
3. craft third suffix
4. augment chaos x2, guarantee chaos leech (remove add life for flat life later) and +1 all chaos
5. reroll suffix keep prefix until get 1x decent mods (e.g. T1 all attribute)
6. make sure you have 3x prefix and 1x suffix, craft prefix cannot be changed
7. remove aug influence and repeat until you hit % chance to gain power, end, frenzy charge on kill
8. craft suffix, anoint infused, intrinsic catalyst
9. At last you can either craft resist or augment crit for crit multi, depending on your need for resistances.

Anoint Overcharged if you want to skip step 7.
Crafting Body Armour
- Reforge Life (Common) on Warlord 6L Vaal Regalia until you get T1 Life Recovery Rate and another Influence mod. Maven's Orb for 50% chance hitting flask charge elevated mod. You have to do this yourself because no one is selling it.
- Reforge Life on ilvl 85 Hunter Armour until you hit % increased maximum life. Maven Orb is optional.
- Awakener's Orb with Hunter Armour on Warlord 6L. If you hit Recover 5% life suffix that's a bonus.
- Try to clear item mods until you have only 1 prefix and 2 suffixes.
- Augment Caster for Spell Crit Suffix
- Craft Hybrid Life
- Augment Life and pray for T1 flat Life
- Craft 10% Life as maximum ES
Crafting Flask Cluster Jewels
- Get a cluster jewel with 4/5 passive points with life/mana flask recovery
- Spam Alterations. Augmentation and Regal whenever you see Fasting or Mender's Wellspring. Average cost is around 400 alts.
Crafting +1 Chain Quiver
What we look for is simply a quiver with +1 Chain.

That means you can vaal any quiver you found from the ground, with item level 80+.

If you have a bit resources you can also use essence of sorrow on every quiver before vaaling it. That one gives you dexterity which is what we need most in our gears.
Can it do 100% Delirious Map?
Yes. I could not record properly due to hardware limits, but here's a screenshot of me clearing a double beyond Park Map.

Why Park? Because I wanted to try Winged Breach Scarab (and if lucky, a Heart of the Grove fight). That's all.
I make builds that guarantee to be killed in 3 months.
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3.13 Memorial
Clarifications and Corrections on Misinformation
(fixed in post)

1. I made a mistake on flask charges calculations. Skeletons uses 3 charges only, so every cast only consumes 12 flask charges. That means you have 3 casts stored in your flasks.

2. I was kinda stupid to think that the Hyrri's Bite recipe will give +1 chain corruption if done in bulk. That recipe always gives a ilvl 10 quiver which means no +1 chain.

3. At one point I suggested Cremator Notable for corpse destruction. In fact using cold damage is easier for corpse explosion. A better solution suggested by comments is to use the new Doppelganger Guise body armour for the guaranteed corpse destruction on kill.
I make builds that guarantee to be killed in 3 months.
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Woooh! Wormblaster lives! Time to gather the items! Thanks for sharing this spectacular build... I remember Wormblaster from back in the day :)

How does the build do with map clearing... I'd imagine that it's just as potent.
Pracis wrote:

How does the build do with map clearing... I'd imagine that it's just as potent.

You can check out the minotaur run video, basically you just can't see anything
I make builds that guarantee to be killed in 3 months.
Build guide is complete now, I hope I didn't miss anything
I make builds that guarantee to be killed in 3 months.
Was hoping to see another build from you this league, was looking for something different/interesting and effective and this seems to be it!
I've been scouring for the ideal Null Inclination enchant for a few days now. You must have been incredibly lucky! Still putting the pieces together.
Rerolled to this today and omg, wormblaster is alive (⌐ ͡■ ͜ʖ ͡■)

Still need to get crit multi jewels, +1chaos on amulet, stun and frozen immunity on boots and enchants on 4more flasks but even without that a9 conquerors are 2tapped, sirius deathless with ease. 1button gameplay to full heal yourself and kill all enemies
can't even imagine how to craft this : 3. Elevated Warlord Chest
==> 1 Flask Charge per 3 seconds
fgin69 wrote:
can't even imagine how to craft this : 3. Elevated Warlord Chest
==> 1 Flask Charge per 3 seconds

Harvest Reforge Life (Common) on Warlord 6L Vaal Regalia until you get T1 increased Life Recovery Rate and another random Influence mod. Maven's Orb for 50% chance hitting flask charge elevated mod. You have to do this yourself because no one is selling it.
I make builds that guarantee to be killed in 3 months.

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