Find your inner fae with the new Glimmersprite Wings! With their delicate frame and glistening green veins, you’ll bring a touch of magic to Wraeclast if you have these adorned upon your back. Catch a glimpse of the wings below or get yours here.

Embrace your forest folk look with other microtransactions from the store such as the Darkwood Armour Set, Weapon Skin, Weapon Effect and Footprints.

Although we don't have a weekend-long sale, we've prepared several single-day sales for Path of Exile's most popular microtransactions. Keep an eye on them in the Specials section of the store, and don't forget to check your Watchlist.

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ty rly looks nice

but harvest still super buggy = its empty of real crafts
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I never understood the appeal of wings. Like do they make sense I guess? Because to me it just looks odd having a geared out character and then just some wings slapped on the back. A cloak or a cape makes sense, but wings? Idk... The only wings I've ever found tolerable in the past were the Legion 36 challenge reward wings and the Synthesis wings but those barely looked liked wings anyway, so idk.
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I love these i wish there was another way to get items for free in a event of some sort!
Great Job on the wings devs!
Tell me Clarice, have the lambs stopped crying?
Woah! Wings that actually look like they're meant for flying?! Say it ain't so!

Yes I know they're in actuality too fragile and small to really lift a human, but that's more a problem with the rest of our bodies, not the wings. We finally have wings that look like they might actually belong on a creature that flies.

Albeit all those frayed ends would be very bad for drag. Makes it look like the creature in question got caught up in an area with high winds. Pretty though.
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Stygian variant when?!
more wings is good

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