New Microtransaction: Thaumaturgy Shield

Still waiting for some awesome claws. Only been waiting for 6 years now
Yea yea no more money spend until you fix game, epic lags when fps drop to 3 per second, ecpecially at the start at the map must wait about 30 sec to start, when monsters show, or box or when omg derlirium omg omg game freezes and after 30 seconds when game unfreeze i see that im dead. dont buy noting to anyone until they fix game!
nice to see shield MTX getting some love!
Somebody from the MTX team really likes glowsticks. Maybe we've had enough of that now?
ggg nice shield, and good job with poe, actually nice shields, but the majority of them are on red colour,

just an idea, why do not make every tipe of shields in optional 3-4 collors, why not?

for example i like this shield but i prefer blue color, or yelow glowing, to match with my helmet and ice armour effect, and so on...

just an ideea
demonic minions and map device?
In-game MTX "dressing" room when?
hard to see when mapping, only lood good when zoom in
Looking good! Especially seeing it work with SST like that. Just wish it was less BLUE when thrown, so that the image was clearer...
Damn, sick!

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