[3.13] guggelhupf's Ultimate Carrion Golem | Insane Damage and Survivability | Crafting Guide Inside

_Mordai_ wrote:

Thanks for the build :). Its for sure the best Minion build I played so far. Super tanky, incredible good to scale and you can build more DPS or more defensive whatever you prefer.

I have one question regarding the endurance charges. You build plus minimum endurance charges but how you generate them? Possible a newbie question but I am not sure how you get them.

Thanks again for the build

its +minimum. so... you just have them. minimum goes from 0 to 3
Hands down best guide ever! Taught me how to craft items. Now I deal TONS of damage. I did tweak some stuff for more damage and ES.

Thank you!

Here's my current PoB

I have tried several times to load up your passive tree anyone having same issue really want to do this build just not sure on the tree Thanks
You have to use Path of Build Community

Sorry, I'm a newb here. How are your golems getting fortify?
might be a bit of a stupid question, but I am really new so I dont fully understand this.
When I craft the helmet and hit it perfectly, 2 influence mods and 3 crafted. Dont I have an open prefix then? If so what should I do from here?

Do I just get a cold augment for physical damage as cold?
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War_Reaver wrote:
Sorry, I'm a newb here. How are your golems getting fortify?

via the animated guardian (kingmaker axe)
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Important: If you get lucky with the crafting process and can remove ALL mods EXCEPT the elevated Mana Reservation and the Minion Damage, you can multicraft with additional chance to avoid stunned and save some money on the jewels.

Can you elaborate on that? I got lucky with the craft an got a Helmet with only minion damage and elevated mana reserve. Then I crafted Aoe gems and stun ressist on the helmet.

What do I want as my final modifier?
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He says about this
but instead of elemental avoidance you can craft stun one. You can also get
but elder one for 50% stun avoidance.

So this is what my helmet looks like. When I asked the question I didnt have the cold modifier on it. So I was asking what to add.

But I am happy with my helmet atm
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