[3.13] Insane two handed slayer Doppelgänger flicker strike build. Over 80M dmg for sirus.


As the title mentioned, this is a slayer flicker strike build that uses the new item in ritual league: the Doppelgänger. We will be building around this item for its juicy 60% MORE critical strike chance, which is very rare in POE. It also destroys enemies on hit which means, fck the porcupines LOL. Since we are not using either farrul's fur nor terminus est, we have to use self bleeding to sustain our frenzy charge. This is done by a combo of our gear, which is introduced in the gear section. The price of this build should be under 30ex(without Wathcer's eye). Before we start, I just want to say that I'm not some experts in game, I just want to share some ideas and thoughts as a regular player. :)

This video has everything from mapping to A9 Sirus bossing.



+ Extremely good & fast clearing
+ Extremely high dmg against bosses (very suitable for this league)
+ Can do physical reflect maps

- A little bit squishy as a flicker strike build. (nearly full on glass canon)
- the price of Doppelgänger is going up by day. (will be more expensive in future)
- CANNOT(or extremely hard to) do no leech maps.

Yep the link you guys are all waiting for LUL

https://pastebin.com/GF7gazmy (LVL 98 passive tree)

The idea is basically to get 100% accuracy and 100% impale chance. Get extra bleeding chance if your weapon DO NOT have a chance to bleed. This is super important since we are self bleed flicker strike. Also, in this link, I'm using a two handed axe, therefore I chose a lot of axe damage. If you want to use two handed sword (which was my original idea but good two handed swords are just TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE), just simply switch the axe nodes to the sword ones. The damage is the same and if not, higher than the axe. Just need to get some critical strike chance on small jewels since the sword does not have the 50% critical chance implicit. One thing to note is that the sword talents are more located on the right side of the tree, therefore, you will be missing some health on the left. Last thing is, make sure to get the cold and lightning resistance on the top part of the tree(next to the watcher's eye socket), otherwise you WILL NOT have enough resistances(75%). Besides that, nothing really special about the tree, just a regular flicker strike tree.

Ascendancy: Impact, Brutal fervour, Endless hunger, headsman

Kill all

We are using two identical large cluster jewels in this case

the passive skills on the jewel needs to be exactly the same for at least one large cluster. we are not using medium cluster jewels simply because we don't have enought talent points. For the small jewels, we need to find elemental resistance on all of them. This is because our build is made up of almost pure unique items, which cannot give us sufficient resistances. We can also find some maximum % life on the small jewel. These are for the defenses. For the offenses, look for two crit mulitplier and attack speed. Also we need at least 1 jewel with mana leech, since we are not getting any from the tree or gear. Examples of small jewels:
Now it comes to one of our CORE ITEM, a unique jewel called the golden rule.
This is absolutely necessary in order to reflect the bleeding effect to ourself. Do not worry about taking damage from bleeding, because we are SLAYERS! Our ascendancy makes us immune to bleeding as long as we are leeching. And we are always leeching whenever we attack enemies due to the large cluster jewels and our ascendancy.


Here I will talk about the other part of our combo, the red trail boot. This is also MANDATORY in order to obtain frenzy charges. This allow us to gain frenzy charges on hit while we are bleeding. Combine this with the golden rule jewel I mentioned above, this combo allows us to consistently sustain frenzy charges. This is why we NEED bleeding chance on our weapon. If you really dont have a weapon that has bleed chance, you will have to invest some passive points to get the bleeding chance.

There is also another "combo" in our build, which is using dopplerganger's 60% more critical strike chance to cancel with our necklace, the marylene's fallcy's 40% less critical strike chance. Sadly, they don't simply just add up and become 20% more critical strike chance. Instead, they are calculated muliplicativly. This means without other sources of critical chance, we will get 100% x 1.6 x 0.6 = 96% critical strike chance. So we are down 4% of critical strike chance, but the benefit we get from this is absolutely massive, 240% critical strike multiplier is so good that we can simply forget about the downside of critical strike chance.

For the helmet, without a doubt abyssus, best helmet for more damage. No way we are giving up on 125% critical strike multiplier. Ya it makes us take 40% more damage, but tbh, if you one shot everything before they hit you, then it doesn't really matter :)

For the gloves, we want the maixmum frenzy charge +1, this is kind of a must, since it will improve not only your damage, but your consistency with frenzy charges. Also, if you can get strike skills target 1 additional nearby enemy on your glove(which is really expensive), you can save 4 passive points since you will not need to get tribal fury on your tree.

As for the rings, normally I would suggest people to use vulnerability as our curse. But for this build, we could really use some extra critical strike chance. Therefore, assassin's mark is our choice here. Make sure to to get non-channelling skill has -9 mana cost craft on one of your rings, otherwise the mana cost for both flicker strike and leap slam would be hard to deal with.

For the belt, obviously the best choice for damage is the ryslatha's coil. However, like I said, it's really hard for you to max out the resistance, you will need to find resistances on ALL your small jewels. So if that's a big problem for you, then you can always switch this to abyssal belt with life and resistances. I linked one of my older abyssal belts here, ignore the elemental damage with attack skills, it's just an example to show the you life and the resistances.

For the flasks, OBVIOUSLY bottled faith is optional, if you don't have it, just use regular sulphur flask. As for the healing flask, blood of karui gives you better survivability and can heal you even when you cannot regenerate due to some map modifiers. So why do I put the writhing jar here? The answer is, we do not have 100% bleed chance. There is a good possiblities that when we are bossing, with no other enemies nearby, we will not gain a frenzy charge on our first hit, if that happens, flicker strike will go into a 2s cd, which could be fatal sometimes. However, The writhing jar can help us with this situation. It will not let us 100% gain frenzy charges, but it can help to a certain extent. The way this works is, we use blood rage first, during blood rage, we have 25% chance to gain frenzy charges on kill. the writhing jar spawns 2 worms and can be used 2 times therefore 4 worms in total. This combined with our bleed chance, drastically increase our chance of getting frenzy charges when bossing.

Flicker strike(6L):

Now I know I linked 8 gems here. The melee splash is just for mapping and you will change that to brutality/melee physical damage/fortify for heavy bossing(sirus, maven, shaper)depends on how you link it for mapping. We don't even need to change the melee splash for guardians because our damage is enough. Now let's talk about fortify. For those of you don't know about the price of two handed melee weapon, I will tell you this, two weapon with the exact same stats, one has "socketed gem are supported by level # fortify", and the other one doesn't, the former will cost mirrors and the latter will just cost some exalts(depends on the stats). This is why I put fortify here. We are not champion, we cannot get fortify unless we support our skills with it. Compare to melee physical damage, fortify will lose 15% more physical damage, but we get a buff that reduces 20% damage from all sources. It's the easiest way to not get one shot by some random monsters. But, it is completely up to you guys whether you want to use fortify or not. There is also another way to trigger fortify and I will explain it later.


Classic melee defense mechanism, CWDT + immortal call. We are not using increase duration here because we don't have enough sockets. Make sure CWDT is level 1 and immortal call is level 3. Because higher CWDT requires you to lose MORE life to trigger, and low level CWDT can only support gems up to requiring level 38, which is level 3 for immortal call.


Again, another classic melee movement mechanism. Our build has very fast attack speed (around 13 attacks per second), combine this with faster attack support, leap slam is the fastest way for us to travel around the map. Thus increasing our clearing speed. Also, rememeber I said there is another way to get fortify? Here it is. If you really to maximize your damage and decides to not link fortify to your flicker strike, you can always link here with your leap slam. Just jump right on the boss's face and you will get 5 seconds of fortify, which is enough for you to kill ANYTHING in this game.

Primary Auras(4L):

Nothing special here, just regular melee aura combos. Maim support is here to maximize our damage, since we are always using the blood stance of flesh and stone.

Secondary auras(3L):

We still need dread banner and precision in order to get that 100% accuracy and impale chance. But we do need another level 4 enlighten to give us more mana to spend with.

Buffs/utilities(No need to be Linked):

These are just gems that we use to maximize our dps when bossing. We don't normally use these for mapping, except enduring cry for survivability, and blood rage for more chance to gain frenzy charges. The damage from blood rage doesn't hurt us at all since our leech is really high. Therefore we can have it on all the time.

This is my first post ever. If there are any questions, feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer. Also please feel free to point out the mistakes I made. I'm always willing to learn.
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wow... the best. ill try your build. thanks for share.
wow... the best. ill try your build. thanks for share.

Thank you :), please let me know if there is any problems with the build or any improvements that can be made.
this needs to be retouched to have more hp...you have no defence.

no defensive layers, no hp = instadeath the first ritual where flicker deems you gotta stay in front of an essence drain ball.

impressive tho.
Drest wrote:
this needs to be retouched to have more hp...you have no defence.

no defensive layers, no hp = instadeath the first ritual where flicker deems you gotta stay in front of an essence drain ball.

impressive tho.

Thank you for your advice. Ya this build tends to die randomly while mapping. Especially the essences drain ball you mentioned. However defences are really hard to add due to the large amounts of unique items. The only thing I can think of is to get many maximum % life jewels and more health nodes on skill tree. But this means losing damage. I'm more of a glass canon type of person. But feel free to get more defenses. :)
edit: didnt mean to submit this, disregard.
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Edit - I see it is updated on the website to Surefoot Striker, thanks!

Hey, quick question!

In the website build, I see you have the cluster jewel with Feed the Fury and Smite the Weak (which pairs with Blood Stance nicely).

However, in the Path of Building, I see you are allocating Feed the Fury and Surefoot Striker for more crit chance with two handed melee weapons.

I was wondering, is Surefoot Striker necessary for this build? The Large Cluster with those passives and a good roll on the passive number tend to be expensive af, so just curious if running Smite the Weak is viable with this build?

Loving it so far now that I have my elemental res in order! Lv 80 atm.
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I managed to rework the build a bit and almost reach 5k hp at lvl 90, with still a respectable 20 mil + dps (without abyssus).

I have yet to start levelling a character up for it tho ahahah

Will come back with tree and equip later :)

i'm around lvl 80, with roughtly 4k HP - char dies once or twice every map.
the lack of any defensive layer is very harsh...idk if it's worth trying to fix.

at this point, my other flicker with less damage and oro's is doing way better.

might be worth pushing that a bit more instead than this one... :(

switched the tree a bit too, took the ascendancy point for frenzy and endurance = frenzy to get a juicy 50% more damage.
anoint for actual charge generations
warcry for intimidate
missing the watcher eye
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Bit of an update:

lvl 91 - at 95 it's worth changing one jewel with medium crit cluster.

changed the gloves and got these

still waiting to get that watcher eye :D
nice build, you think Atziri's Disfavour will work in the build?

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