Add a new toy to your collection with the new Maven Portal Effect. This cosmetic effect replaces the standard look of your portals with the hovering celestial orbs used by the Maven to transport you to her realm. Have a look below or get yours here.

If you are still missing a prize piece for your collection, then submit to the will of other Eldritch entities by checking out the Elder Armour Pack, Void Wings and Celestial Weapon Effect.

Thank you for your support!
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Nice Portal :)
Been running Aurabot since 2.5 (15 leagues in a row now).

Aurabot Diary - 2094025

Add me on Discord if you have any questions: Arenir#4403
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Not bad
Cool! Looks good. It's like a variant of the Twilight Portal Effect :P
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Where is the Zana portal...
I still want Sirus's red chaos portal from Eye of the Storm.
ohhhh now I dk know if I should get the celestial one from the twilight box or not
is there going to be maven weapons/wings/armour/etc now? cause if so maybe ill hold off on spending money on MTX
mY CoLLecTiOn
PoE 2077

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