Spread your wings and soar with the new Gryffon Wings. This cosmetic effect equips a regal pair of feathered wings with detailed metal boning to your Exile’s back, which spread and dance in the wind as you move. Check them out below or get yours here.

Complete your legendary look with the Gryffon Armour Pack, Temple Weapon Effect and Innocence Footprints.

Thanks for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
This looks NICE! well done!
Fist page
thats what I need,pure and beauty
Flying movement skill in PoE 2 confirmed? :)
Nice! And unlike many recent wing MTX these look like they could be used for flying!
Recolor? Hmm... maybe not... they kinda look like angelic wings but slightly different.
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Beautiful wings! Should've been included in the Eeyrie pack!
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Thats some nice wings! I want me one <3
Kewl :P
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