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There's no word in the announcement that forbids it, so can it be porn?

Along that line of thinking,

Here's my entry for the competition:
(edited fully fleshed out version)

More realistic

PoE Origins - Piety's story
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Ahh yes, a story, well to stay on-topic in the contest,
Let me tell you a story about how GGG and TENCENT etc will one day make EPIC FAT MONEY by capitalizing on my old suggestions i've repeated a few times in the past , something which they promised us in 2013/2014 forgot, that we'd have Cut-Throat PERMANENT PVP leagues 1 standard 1hardcore,or the guilds having the option to rent servers and make custom leagues in them, people said in the topics they would pay for PVP permanent servers.

A day when GrindingGearGames sips their cofee, goes to google and searches the active players of Dark Souls 1 + 2 + 3 + Dark Souls 1 remastered + Dark Souls 2 Scholar Of The First Sin , + Bloodborne , + Demon Souls , + DemonSouls remastered, + Nioh 1 + Nioh 2 + Sekiro
and they realise " Well it seems there's a lot of PVP /souls-like fans out there, why don't we finally add PVP permanent softcore+hardcore leagues so we make even more money than current skins AND increase Path of Exile's potential even further than ever?!? "

And why not,maybe they'll even add a bonus redhead female character (maybe char name Kalandra , starts opposite from Scion all around the tree,needs completion of the game with all classes to unlock ) ,
since they added 2 blondes and no redheads :) . and a DLC to increase friends list limit perhaps in the future but the other two suggestions about PVP & redheads should be better..
Below is the old topic i quoted
also check out that old contest meme pic i've made about it in a 2016 contest where i suggested after PVP perma leagues, 1 Halloween league that is hardcore cut-throat + TURBO + Onslaught + Nemesis + Domination and all the good ones
thegamingkage wrote:

1. I've talked to Chris Wilson in the past and others of the team too, in closed beta when game was new , ADVERTISED ON THE SITE WAS = PERMANENT CUT-THROAT LEAGUES , HELL PEOPLE ON A TOPIC IN THE FORUMS SAID THEY'D PAY FOR THIS...
Dark Souls 1 was ported from console to PC at gaming community's request => DARK SOULS 2 + 3 FOLLOWED.

BUT NO REDHEAD char ?!?! Suggested a while ago like char Kalandra, to be opposite from Scion start in the tree as in the char has starting points on outer edges of the passive skill tree and is also harder to unlock than Scion maybe have a requirment like to beat Malachai (well long ago it was Dominus only :D ) with all classes or something.

Since long i've talked in closed beta but more in teh open beta,with some of you guys and you said you'd bring these things to the team but i've seen no progress in it

only progress about these things i saw now we can figure out which friends in the Friends List,are inactive :) since some of us had friends list since closed beta with inactive players and also some from open beta added...

3. - thing upper about friends list,u guys made progress PARTIALLY with that suggestion i had, now we can hover mouse cursor and game shows us how long since friend has last logged on. BUT

COULD WE HAVE MORE FRIENDS LIST LIMIT NOT JUST 100 friends list players capacity?:(

Maybe make it as DLC if you feel the need to,heck ,but i would love all these 3 things i suggested since closed beta & open beta

THE REAL Hardcore league is PERMANENT CUT-THROAT + Hardcore box ticked on
and THE ONLY ONE THAT WOULD BE EVEN HARDER IS Cut-Throat + Hardcore box ticked on + TURBO + ONSLAUGHT + NEMESIS + DOMINATION etc :) get it :D halloween special edition :P

DO you want us to make petitions so you see how succesfull they are with many signatures? on adding redhead female chars ,on increasing friends list space ,and most importantly adding Perma-Cut-Throat leagues AS WRITTEN ON THE POE SITE OF PLANNED THINGS MANY YEARS AGO?Caz we'll do it if you want us to.

Keep up the good work old friend Chris Wilson & the team.

PS :
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Must be created after the launch of this competition...Alright, I guess it's time to get working on another song!
I wrote a story featuring my favorite character (the Scion) and one of my favorite skills, artillery ballista!

Just a few days ago, the young Scion hadn’t lifted a bow her entire life. What need had she? Servants brought food to her table, guards warded away the rabble from the heights of her estate’s walls, and for sport she danced, drawing the eyes of Oriath with each graceful motion. All eyes…even his. Her grip tightens on the bow as she recalls their “courtship.” He, coin dripping from his pockets into the cupped hands of hangers-on and loose-lipped servants, bought a place at her family’s table, becoming yet another of her father’s many guests. He, with stalking eyes and lupine smile, studied the Scion’s motions one night, only to invite her to dance the next. And how could she, a late-born daughter of a rising family, refuse? One dance, begrudgingly given, begot a second, then a third…until she was trapped within a music box, opened for his amusement, melodies played to give an excuse for him to lust after her form. Suitors withdrew their pursuits whenever they learned of his intentions for her, and the Scion hardly blamed them. Days passed into weeks, until his patience ran out. The Scion wasn’t involved in her own betrothal, beyond being informed of its occurrence as an afterthought in a conversation over dinner with her parents.

The Scion’s mother at least tried to feign excitement; arrangements were made, tailors hired to measure and prod every last inch of the Scion’s form in an exacting, unsparing manner. In the end, her dress was a concession to the tastes of the time; blue silks clinging to her curves, accentuating and highlighting every feature, with gilded threads suggesting a dawn golden with possibility following marriage. Dominus himself had stood at the altar beside her betrothed, mouthing the blessings of Innocence on this most fortuitous matrimony…but she remembered the eyes below the blue mask. They burned with intent of their own, and in that moment, she knew not what she feared more; her husband’s yearnings, or those lingering behind the cold, piercing eyes of the High Templar.

She wonders, now, whether Dominus suspected her own intentions. Perhaps her silence at the altar had given her away. Brides in Oriath, by custom, need not speak their vows; their obedience was assumed, bought and paid for by the successful suitor. Her husband had led her from the altar, his grip on her arm loose, for law now cleaved her to him more than a strong grip might ever achieve. To the dance hall they went, and there she swayed, swooned, and dipped at his lead. A feast awaited, but the Scion couldn’t stomach a meal. A fine silver knife, serrated slightly to part flesh, nevertheless found its way into her grip…and then above it, within the cuff of her long-sleeved dress. And from thence to the bedroom, where –

No, the Scion shakes her head angrily. “There’s no resting on your laurels in Wraeclast,” she mutters, forcing the wedding night from her mind. Her hands are clammy, sticky with sweat…not blood. The bow ensures that. Ahead, she can hear the chants of marching men – Blackguards, whose ranks the militant youth dream of entering. All loyal to a fault to their master. Some would have sweethearts in Oriath, she knew. Families depended upon their coin, and she was going to –

No. Today, here, there are men and women who want me dead, she thinks. They stand between me and the Scepter. From afar a cry goes up among the Blackguards, an alarm raised. The Scion scowls and grips the bow tightly before her, forefinger brushing along the gems embedded in the grip. One, a gift from the Karui sla…no, the exile, I mustn’t forget, she reminds herself…crackles with energy at her touch. With a gesture of her free hand she focuses the verdant power, manifesting before her a marvel of technology, wrought into existence by the strange magic of the gem. At once, in quick succession, a trio of ballistae arise, wood creaking slightly as they emerge. The Blackguards ahead let out a cry of surprise as their charge falters. Some, even, turn away. Whatever forces animate these ballistae find their targets and dispassionately launch their ordinance. Arrows, all aflame, ascend into the sky, only to find the Blackguards stumbling below. The Scion looks away as they scream. Some die in the blasts. Others burn.

Before long, there is a quiet that cannot be called silence, for another alarm call sounds in the distance, in the shadow of the Scepter. The Scion strides forward, ballistae lingering behind her, still now. One of her foes gasps at her feet, his armor cracked and blazing. Blood gurgles in between breaths, and he gazes upward, locking eyes with her. She takes no pleasure in seeing his chest heave and falter. Indeed, a small tear beads as she considers that, but for circumstance, this young man might’ve been willing to surrender, to abandon Dominus, as Helena had. She would’ve understood, she could’ve stopped this, she might’ve spared –

No. She squeezes her eyes shut. This is Dominus’s fault. The Scion clings to this, knows, no, NEEDS it to be true. His authority married her. His order exiled her. His commands stationed this man here, before the Scepter, on this day. And your hand will slay him, some part of her whispers. Just as you did your husband.

“Innocence forgive me,” the Scion whispers as her eyes open. At least she can deny that voice one truth. Her hand won’t be the one to hold the knife, to nock the arrow, to end this life. A brush of her finger is all it takes; beside her, a ballista rises. Just one, this time. The young man gurgles something beside her, but the Scion pays no mind. Her focus is ahead. Before her, an archway stands, and beyond she hears the strange bellows of exotic beasts. Dominus’s menagerie, she reckons. Looming ahead, shrouded in the storm clouds far above, the Scepter of God awaits. It is taller than any building she has ever seen, a tribute to Innocence and the grandiosity of humanity. She had been surprised to learn Dominus was here, in Wraeclast…but not so that he had taken residence in the tallest building in the lands. He will be at the top, she knows. Where else would his pride allow him to be?

There will be more of this, the voice calls. There will be more deaths. More murders. More times you’ll kill and burn and break and –

Yes, the Scion concedes as she crosses below the arch. Before her, mad beasts catch her scent and howl their hunger. A familiar finger traces the contours of the gem, pouring forth her mana to summon those familiar ballistae. I will kill, she agrees. But I won’t bloody my hands again.
I always wanted to start doing some 2d "art". And I thought this would be the best time to start. Haha did I underestimate the undertaking. But here is my first EVER 2d art. (It's supposed to be my take on Maven)

-Say brotha, if I get ya one more drink from your favorite … will you tell me that story again? Ya know… the story you like to tell to your brotha’s in arms.

Brief silence… and right before the situation turned to be awkward… Boom! A bottle ended broken at the near wall, few pieces bounced back and fell in his drink. The rumble that was about to begin and turn this usual night in just a banal quarrel instantly settled down. The energy of the tavern dropped down below the zero..

More than 30 guests held their breaths. He poured the drink on the ground and said to his companion:

-There, ya wanted to buy me a drink, now you’ve got a chance for it.

The rumble resumed, and the tavern recovered its energy. Everyone got back to their activities with a relief.

-Bartender! One bottle of the walking Marry for my friend!

He took out one old cigarette from his pocket, began to smoke and with husky voice said:

-Listen very carefully because every time I tell this story, my soul cracks and my heart bleeds…

-Brotha this story always gives me chills… Everytime I feel happy and sad at the same time, full and empty inside…

The companion of sgt. Daniel finished his story, took the half empty bottle from the bar and started to walk toward the exit of the tavern. Before he left, he looked Daniel in the eyes with tremendous regret and said:

-This echoes will always haunt me boy, even when I am not sleeping. I pray for you that you never will have to live my life, to tell story like mine!

-The echoes of the inevitable cry out from the void…

-Calling for our souls!
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I made this (typos included):

Pirates League!
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upon the shore, washed far from clean
a journey begins with a glint of gleam
but the quest for riches is rendered fleeting
by a fate so overwhelmingly reeking
denying ignorance of an undying reminder
that death is not mitigated by treasure
thus the sparkle long since left their eyes
to seek emigration among the skies
a dubious comfort of cosmic folds
wrapped within countless stories untold
for if nothing is never to have meaning
why has the world yet to stop spinning
for the fingers of time and fate entwine
a promise kept to rot, wither, and brine
so i spy the hands and question the gesture
of yet another tumultuous trimester
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