You’ll be cool as ice with the new Frost Viking Aura Effect so why not try warming up in the stylish new Bear Cloak! The Frost Viking Aura Effect features daggers of ice rotating around a freezing pool at your feet and the Bear Cloak places the skinned hide of a beast from the Southern Forest upon your back. Check them out below!

If you are liking the Frost Viking theme or want some more bear adorned cosmetics, you may also be interested in the Arctic Weapon Effect, Polar Armour Pack or Arctic Character Effect.

Thank you for your ongoing support!
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first pog
Nice aura for once, usually not a huge fan of most of them.
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And i'm just waiting for the Twilight Mystery Boxes Mtx to come on sale in the shop xD
Why did you kill Yogi?! Maybe he wasn't smarter than the average bear after all :(
Nice aura effect!
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Trying to figure out what makes the aura "Viking"...
Someone show me the viking aura and legion aura effect, please!
Nice! How about some mtx way points for our ho's ??? I like many others cover up the ones we have !
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