Obs: English isn´t my first language so bear with me a lil.
Ok to start, it´s my first build, im a noob and struggled a lot in the game to go far in hardcore with my skill level and knowledge. You should be asking right now why hardcore then, well i only have fun with the thrill o losing a char in hardcore at every blink.
What motivated me to make this build was an injury to the hand that im stil treating, so because of that i couldn´t play with normal piano builds. The second motivation was the boring need to look all the time to change rares to stay alive in hc, boring for me at least and i hate crafting in the game like the casual i´m.
The build is a full unique build (bar 3 normal potions and 3 jewells), cheap, you can play with only one hand, safe even for a complete hc noob like me.

early map just to see more or less waht is the build (having horrible latency this league tough ¬¬) as you can see you just walk away and stuff just ignite/explode anyway.

Full cap´d resists
Multiple defensive layers / Block, good armor, phys and ele reduction / End charges / Life steal and regen / Harbinger of focus every 4 sec.
Easy to play AND to buy the needed stuff
immunity to shock, ignite, frozen, stun and curse every 4 seconds.
Great and safe league farmer, with good %increased rarity

Not tested in high tier maps yet (tks to @Hemzokuken that tested in t16, the build isn´t a good boss killer at this tier but it´s good to clear maps)
Only 5k life (give or take depending of your unique rolls)
Multiple ways of doing damage, mostly dot... but still not the bazilion dmg of other builds.
Decent clear speed, but again not on par with other builds here.
Chaos resist of 16 late game (positive, but it´s scary against powerfull chaos dmg dealers)

How does it work offensively in short:
Basically srs ~ cyclone ~ infernal legion - tavukai - siegebreaker and life for minions in nodes, equips and jewels are your main source of damage.
Your minions will explode doing fire percentage damage, will make a puddle of chaos based of percentage life too. The fire dot aura of your srs too is based on life percentage and all your minions will hit doing fire and applying ignite.
Blasphemy ~ Flammability / Malevolence makes your dots (ignite and chaos) and your minions flame hits hurt.
Your raging spirits (8+-) will explode in sequence every time, doing fire %life dmg.
Your zombie hits steal life to you, and you will have 10 of them because of "the baron".
Your Wicker man specters too will deal fire damage aoe dot using a mini version of righteous fire.

Try to channeling cyclone as much as possible, to always proc your Harbinger of focus buff every 4 seconds (reducing the Damage you take, and makes you avoid all Stuns and Ailments) that´s why we use frostblink, a mov that don´t break channeling.

Pob link (in my pob i made sure to put the average rolls of each unique item, that will work even if you don´t have much money but you can get better unique rolls with almost nothing, almost all the items are RLY cheap! Remember, minion life is king in all the rolls you can get as priority):

POB link of second version, using Replica Siegebreaker and Death Rush (less life, magic find and need your end charges to cap ele resist but more damage and chaos resist):


Unshattered will is kind of pricey right now but you can use instead:

3 Efficient Training
3 Jewel with:
Maximum life for you too is amazing on top of it if you can find.
The details and where to put them are in the POB

What can you use to level:


Shield are an amazing mana regen source for you, you can start using Springleaf early game and if you RLY need more mana regen use Saffel frame (but it will cost your normal attack block so be carefull)

Leveling tree early:

Get "Quick Recovery" and "Mystic Bulwark" as early as possible, it will help with your mana regen. If you still have problems specially early game, use clarity lv1~3 as you see fit for your need.
You can use whatever you want to level, because you will not have minion passives for some time, anyway i start castin srs as early as possible because i like the skill and used zombies as meatshield.

Convert to minion instability when you get some minion life nodes

You can start to use Cyclone = CWC = SRS = infernal legion in a 4 slot link as soon as you can if you want. 4link is enough for the majority of the game...Then when you can, get a 5Link chest to add Minion Life to the equation.

Golems, you will have stone golem for free from your weapon (the not high level is perfect for this build to maintain the speed your srs explode with minion instability).
And why we use chaos golem istead of carrion? Simple, carrion golem for us will not change too much damage your minions will do, because the majority of it will come to life instead of phys. Chaos Golem add another layer of protection and the chaos damage work to the build too.

Specter early use the normal monkey cheftains from act 2 riverways to get you frenzy charges...Later change to 2 Carnage Chieftains and 1 Host Chieftain from act 7 Ashen Fields. Your definitive specters will be 3 Wicker man from act 10 ravaged square. They deal fire damage and dot aoe in a version of righteous fire so it works wonders with our flammability/malevolence

And with the resto of mana not reserved, use Dread Banner and level 1 precision. Level 1 precision and Dread banner adds a lot for so lil to minion builds and a lot of people don´t use them.

Unflinching > Unrelenting > Unbreakable > Unstoppable

Kill them all

You will only need later to have

The other 3 are optional, but i recommend

I like to use Lunaris (mov speed helps a lot) and Ralakesh (Bleed is scary for you, you will move without stop)

gravepact (1azure oil/2black oil) for more damage and chance to double

Min/Max...Late and Stuff

Tks to people here i will update this part here with some more insight about the build and why some things.

-Why steelskin and not immortal call or molten shell? You want all the endurance charges you can get, and to stay up all the time. And we don´t have enough armor to properly use molten shell over steelsking. The level of your steelskin/Cwdt will be based to 1/4 of your life to the level your steelskin "fake life"...So try to adapt that over your leveling.

-First the obvious part...You will need the max rolls in "minion have % increased maximum life" wherever you can have it in your gear and the 3 yellow jewells.

-The second build using replica siegebreaker do a lil more damage.

-Convert your Unshattered Will for added curse resist:

-The purpose of this build is to be cheap and simple, but you can always change one ring and chest for an amazing rare that will give everything you need and much more if you want. The char in the end is yours ^^

-To RLY maximize your damage you will need a perfect tavukai amulet, with minus 17% chaos resistance and amazing minion life and srs damage. (Minus 17% will make your srs apply the dot, and just almost insta melt and explode MUCH faster! doing consecutive apply of burn/chaos dot and the fire damage explosion)

-You can remove some point from your passive tree (losing some endurance charge, or chaos resist to pick more "minion have % increased maximum life" from tree but at the cost of tankiness wich i don´t recommend.) What you could rly test is removing some nodes that increase "minion have % increased maximum life" but have the increase minion elemental resist...I will test later in pob, but i believe you will have more damage removing these node (even at the cost of losing life) but will gain in dps because your minions will explode faster.

-Investing some money in your animate guardian will increase a LOT in your damage, using a "Kingmaker despot axe" will increase damage of your minions, make them have culling strike (make the enemy die faster when they get to 10% life) and will get you fortify making your even more tanky. If people want what specifi items to use in your animate guardian i will detail it later

-Im already using a new chest with 6l and adding swift afliction as a last piece of the chest combo will increase a LOT of all the dot damage (all the dots benefit from swift affliction even the pool of chaos the siegebraker makes) if you want to go full balls deep and don´t care about money, awakened swift affliction will make even more damage. (But at this point the purpose of the build to be cheap will be null and it´s better to make another build already XD)

Obs: I will try to update this build with videos or what i changed with try and error (im busy with work tough but will try). Again, i´m a noob and for sure people will offer insight of what could be better for the build. I hope at least that this will be usefull to other noobs like me that like to put a feet in HC and have some fun ^^
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Let us know how its going. I read full unique build and was reeled in :D Also, musclemancer theme was funny.

Just started one and despite having to relog with my Witch to buy all the gems as I keep forgetting the basics it is gracefully going through act one on SRS. Linking Burning Legion to it sped things up, and now I added added minion damage, lightning damage, cold damage, Burning and Burning Legion all linked and they are cleaning well despite zero damage nodes taken.

I particularly like using SRS to level since they are little homing missiles seeking the enemies and not needing me to aim.

I didn't bother using my Zombies until I had Vitality, but now with Vitality with Minion Damage and Life on Hit and they are surviving just peachy and helping with damage.

This is all pretty basic but I'm just saying it for new players who might be interested in trying this.
Im 86 already with the char t10 if im not mistaken, im a noob and casul tough so im already playing another noob build XD (the grind late lv is kind of boring for me)
I hundred percent recommend the build if you want something relaxing to play (or just to want to get to maps safe and farm for another char), hell im playing with disability in one hand. I didn´t need to lose my time finding the perfect rare item with the needed ele resist or any other crap like that...The build is THAT easy and simple!
That's completely me. I reach maps, get effing bored trying to trade for maps with people not answering when whispered, and make a new character. Sometimes with good strong builds that don't even die, but I'm just bored and make something new.
Hey! Why do you use Kingsguard as main armor? Isn't Belly of the Beast (for example) better?
Danzze wrote:
Hey! Why do you use Kingsguard as main armor? Isn't Belly of the Beast (for example) better?

You could use belly, but for this build Kings offer:
- more armor (for juggernaut more armor at body is better because you get it in double)
-Cheaper and easy to get 5~6 link because almost no people use (and trying to place 4 blue slots in belly will be a bitch)
-more time for your endurance charges (you want to have end charges full all the time, that´s why you don´t use immortal call in the build)
-You don´t need more ele resist in this build, so the only positive (good tough) is the increased life.

To be fair, body is the item you could pick what you like best in this build, the other items are too core to change (weapon/shield too with limited choice)
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Hello Eilanzer,

Would you please post your current passive tree?

Thanks and have a good one.

I poop, therefore I am.
Hey mate,

Only 11k dps on the PoB? Am I missing something?
Hemzokuken wrote:
Hey mate,

Only 11k dps on the PoB? Am I missing something?

you are looking at the default dmg, you don´t do dmg with cyclone...You do dmg using infernal legion dot, then the caustic ground tavukai make, then the explosion from minion instability.
You need to change what skills you are looking in the pob, this build use different instances of damage, mostly dot chaos/fire and the instab.
Eilanzer wrote:
Hemzokuken wrote:
Hey mate,

Only 11k dps on the PoB? Am I missing something?

you are looking at the default dmg, you don´t do dmg with cyclone...You do dmg using infernal legion dot, then the caustic ground tavukai make, then the explosion from minion instability.
You need to change what skills you are looking in the pob, this build use different instances of damage, mostly dot chaos/fire and the instab.

Very interested to see a red map and single target with this build.

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