3.14 Big Poppa - poison SRS + Skelly archers using Profane Proxies + Ancient Skull


- 2 button build, relaxing to play, forgiving with positioning
- up to 6K life, 1K ES
- large aura radius temporal chains + despair on skitterbots. Blasphemy + enfeeble plus flesh and stone
- 6 million single target DPS, 3 million single target shaper DPS. This is all multiplied by up to 30% using Amanamu's gaze, but this does not yet show in PoB.
- Unknown, but REALLY HIGH Area damage. Mobs often go pop getting hit by one SRS.
- As long as they are close to friends, rares can also get oneshot by a single SRS hit. this leaves all your SRS attacking bosses all the time - making the skill achieve it's potential.
- Minions benefit from - using defensive curses, high minion life leech
- Super AOE that scales with enemy level (enemy life)
- Very cheap, easy to gear (lots of basic uniques and 1c rares)
- Decent armour, chaos resists
- All minions get the equivalent of a free level 20 faster attacks gem via the ancient skull + hear the whispers interaction.
- Build works well for mapping, bossing, delving, temples, legion, harvest, metamorphs, syndicate, breaches


- Only average for ultimatum encounters, ritual encounters, delirium, lab runs, abysses, blight.
- Curses do not work vs terrain, ground effects and traps
- Not an AFK super OP damage and clearspeed build
- Not a super defensive build. Not ideal for pushing endgame content quickly, it's more of a stay safe at range build.
- Cannot SSF


SRS, a traditionally very weak skill, has been getting relatively weaker and weaker as mobs get tougher and larger, since they have very poor AOE, even with melee splash linked. They spend a lot of time attacking monster spawns, chasing fast monsters or getting wiped out by monster AOE. This build fixes all those problems in satisfying ways.

PoB: 3.14: https://pastebin.com/aiyTTY2q

3.13: https://pastebin.com/daDeAurq

3.13, Melee Skeleton version, thanks to Orbaal: https://pastebin.com/4YYeVtqd


The key interaction for this build is with profane bloom, so we need
occultist > profane bloom > malediction > withering presence

Curses - The cornerstone of the build

run skitterbots with 2 X profane proxy. Put despair and temporal chains in them. If possible, get the skitterbots have 90% increased area helmet enchant. This means anything close to you is enfeebled, and anything far away is temp chained and despaired. This means your single target minion only have to kill one or two monsters to set off large chain reactions of profane bloom.

Defensive calculations

72% block, 32% spell block via shield, passives and glancing blows
40% physical damage reduction via armour from shield, gear and passives
50% evade chance from blind
11% less damage taken from distant enemies

Malediction = 10% reduced damage dealt by enemies

Rares/Bosses - 25% less damage dealt and 20% less accuracy
normal/magic - 50% less damage and 20% less accuracy

Temporal chains
Rares/Bosses - 25% less action speed
normal/magic - 50% less action speed

Taunt = 10% less damage dealt

I do not really know how these combine together in reality.

Body: SRS > Withering touch > Lesser poison > unbound ailments > minion damage > Last link is summon phantasm, unleash, minion speed, predator, or other options depending on your link colour and preference.

Helm: Carrion Golem > Cast when damage taken > meatsheield > feeding frenzy

gloves: Phantasmal summon skeletons > Minion Damage > Unbound Ailments > Awakened added chaos damage
This is now a 7 link setup with elder gloves also giving us faster projectiles, faster attacks, poison. They will do about 250K damage each, at very long range.

Boots: skitterbots > flesh and stone > blasphemy > enfeeble

Weapon 1: flame dash > steelskin > utility gem of choice

Weapon 2: cast when damage taken > spirit offering > utility of your choice

Gear - essential
The covenant - cheap to 6 link, acts as an 8 link: level 15 added chaos damage for plus blood magic solves mana issues from spamming SRS. Also allows us to reserve all our mana.

United in dream or severed in sleep - gives all our minions poison chance, and gives them excellent survivability via life leech

Ancient skull - gives movespeed to minions, nice armour, great crit chance for minions, and after they crit, they go crazy with 50% more attack speed fora huge damage boost.

Medium cluster jewel - with blessed rebirth so your minions stay alive long enough to do damage. Bodyguards is a nice extra, as they hit so often you get huge value from knockback.

windshriek boots - Give us an additional curse, curse area, armour, and resists

Amanamu's Gaze Jewel - Gives a 30% more damage multiplier which is not yet showing in PoB.

rings - profane proxy

Gear - other

Star of wraeclast - gives us more AOE for curses, immunity to silence, nice resists and a free moveskill if you want to use frostblink.

Lioneyes remorse shield - give us some nice life and armour

belt - Rare to cap resists and get life

gloves - Elder mods can give you a seven link for your skelly archers here: faster projectiles, faster attacks, poison.


Conquerors efficiency - leaves us with some mana to cast spirit offering and moveskill

From Dust - helps save a button push for skeleton casting

Careful planning - to get dexterity

Levelling and playstyle

Levelling - get minion damage and some life first, then aim to get all your cluster jewel points sorted when you can afford one.

Playstyle - Stay at max range. Cast skeletons, then SRS. If anything looks risky, run offscreen and your minions will continue to kill.

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8.14 - The new jewel Amanamu's Gaze feels amazing, and is pretty much a 30% more damage multiplier for this build!
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I'm having tons of fun with this build!

I'm only running skelletal archers in a 4l at the moment.

Would any spectres make more sense than the skeletal archers? (Would have to get another node in the large cluster jewel)
Lol, this PoB, SRS are in a 7L (6 supports gems) and skeletons on a 5L (4 supports gems, without counting the supported by xxx stuff)
How are you generating Power Charges?
Lol, this PoB, SRS are in a 7L (6 supports gems) and skeletons on a 5L (4 supports gems, without counting the supported by xxx stuff)

The 'hear the whispers' interaction from Ancient skull is not supported by PoB. It's effects work out exactly the same as a level 20 faster attacks gem, so I put that into the SRS links. Since the gloves already have faster attacks, I threw on a similar damage increase gem to reach the accurate numbers for the skeletons.
How are you generating Power Charges?

We do not generate power charges, we only want the maximum power charges to increase minion crit chance, which then procs the 'hear the whispers' of the ancient skull, which gives a nice attack speed boost.

You could choose the ascendency that gives a power charge for spending mana, but I prefer the chaos resist.
Would any spectres make more sense than the skeletal archers? (Would have to get another node in the large cluster jewel)

Yes, the marksmen from the syndicate laboratory are superb.

50% evade chance from blind

its not about you its about enemy, in other words if u have 0% chance to evade this 50% will take no effect, since blind affect chance to hit from monster, if they has 1000 accuracy this lower by 500 and still hit you
can u upload gameplay video? TY

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