[3.13] Detonate Dead Inquisitor League Starter + 10K EHP + Tanky + All Content + Noob Friendly + HC

Good job for opening a post about that build. Very neat and clean guide, however, you pointed that in the endgame gear helmet ideally should have "nearby enemies have -9 fire res". This achieves nothing since Inevitable Judgement ascendancy ignores all enemy elemental resistances. This makes that they are always 0, we can't penetrate it to have values below zero.
Hi, speced into this build, and enjoying it so far. Only issue i have is my single target DPS seems really low, feel like im doing something wrong or maybe my gear is just shit. Anyway here is my PoB. https://pastebin.com/RJQDS2by
If u dont mind checking it out so see if i fucked something up, ty :)
Make sure you have the Harvest specters. Also get a helm with DD has a chance to explode another corpse enchant.
Hey any chance of you finishing this?

Thanks in advance.
I made this awesome build in HC after seeing ZIZ doing the Mavrn Fight with this.

One the the best builds i played in HC so far. I'm on 13k Life and can safely run T16 maps - but i struggle a little bit with the damage, most important i see on poe.ninja with my char 70k dmg while others list 150-250k on same level and similar lifepool

Could you check my gear?

Nearly everything except the Timelessjewel was found myself or crafted, that's why i love this league

i Guess i need to swap the shield for a ES based with +1 to fire gems?
Of course i need better boots, better rolls on the rings, and a better amulet
If you're wanting more damage, +1 fire gems is nice but it doesn't scale the corpse explosion of DD, only the fire damage initial hit (which is still good). Only fire damage, elemental damage, and area damage scales both. So if you want to double dip, go for those stats. Crit will boost your damage of the initial hit quite a bit. Crit on chest, you also don't have a curse setup (ass mark) on rings. For Frenzies use Cold Snap, extra damage there too. Also missing the AoE damage nodes on the tree.
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Hey that build looks really fun, I'm definitely gonna try it after I finish my current character. What bugdet would you recommend so I can run red maps pretty safely?
Im not quiet sure why youve taken the node Growth and Decay. I thought we dont do any dot dmg? Or am i completly mistaken?

And one more question, what exactly are exerted attacks?
why didn't you take the delirium portal at the beginning? I was just curious in the gif.
Just came across a medium cluster crit jewel. Rolled around and got Precise Retaliation and Savage Response. Was about to respec a little to squeeze it in until i realized these might not be the right crit buffs, since we are supposed to be getting Global Crit Strike Chance/Multi and these passives are normal Crit Strike Chance/Multi. Can anyone advise?

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