[3.13] Detonate Dead Inquisitor League Starter + 10K EHP + Tanky + All Content + Noob Friendly + HC



Welcome to my Detonate Dead Inquisitor Build Guide!

This build relies on the new and improved Inquisitor Ascendancy nodes to regenerate massive amounts of Life and Energy shield. By stacking Fortify, Endurance Charges, and a massive amount of EHP regeneration we can stand in basically anything and walk away like nothing happened.

Pious Path is an incredible tool that allows us to be constantly affected by Consecrated Ground and apply our Life Regeneration to our Energy Shield. Relying on a few cheap key uniques such as Soul Tether and a Doryani's Timeless Jewel this build is ideal for new players and veterans alike.

There is even plenty of room for optimization. Not to mention if you find the build doesn't suit your tastes you can easily respec to one of the various other Inquisitor builds since they share similar tree structures.


Path of Building:
Skullfurious' DD Inquisitor: https://pastebin.com/VgrBBupB

Other Builds
Zizaran / Nugiyan's DD Inquisitor: https://pastebin.com/2VQXk1ht



* Very Tanky
* Cheap To Start
* Can Handle All Content
* Easy To Level
* Extremely High Potential for DPS
* Hardcore Viable

* Not a Zoom Zoom build
* Two Button Build
* Competes with Necromancers for Fire Gear in Trade League
* Sudden low potential for DPS on some maps with high mob pools.
* You need a spectre bank (easy to setup however, read below)


How it feels:


Skill / Defense Explanations
When you desecrate on any given map instance, it chooses a random handful of corpses from the map's "pool" of total loaded monsters to pull out of the ground.

We turn them into extremely strong firecrackers.

Detonate Dead!
Detonate Dead has two parts.

Part 1) The Spell which deals fire damage to nearby enemies.
Part 2) The Explosion which deals 6% of the monsters life as AoE damage.

There is also Vaal Detonate Dead which is basically the original spell except 9% of damage and the explosions chain. Must be what it's like to be inside a bag of microwavable popcorn!

Some of the Spectres we can find have incredibly large HP pools. I'll have a full list below detailing which ones to aim for and where / how to get them. Don't worry about it for now!

Our Defenses! (Pious Path)
Our defensive layers come from the fact that Inquisitor has received some major buffs in [3.13] Ritual League.

Pious Path makes it so that while standing on Consecrated Ground we have our Life Regeneration applied to Energy shield as well.

We generate Consecrated Ground from the Sanctuary Ascendancy Node and effectively have it applied to us permanently.

This lets us stack a ton of life, which converts to energy shield down the road. We also take a lot of Life Regeneration nodes on the tree and end up with effectively 38-48% of our life regenerated per second.

Our Defenses! (Soul Tether)
After you complete your third lab and finish the campaign we start to reach our end-game version of the build.

Basically we use a Glorious Vanity Timeless Jewel (In the name of Doryani) to provide us with a corrupted Keystone called Corrupted Soul.

What Corrupted Soul lets us do is gain 20% of our Maximum Life as Energy Shield while also letting 50% of non-chaos damage through to our health instead of eating at our Energy Shield first.

This, at first, sounds like a huge downside but, in fact, with the combo of Soul Tether on our Belt Slot we gain a new skill called Immortal Ambition which turns the downside into a huge positive.

What Immortal Ambition does is a few things. It makes it so that our Energy Shield doesn't recharge anymore. At first, again, this sounds like a major downside but there are a few other perks that come with it.

We lose 5% of our Energy Shield every second! Wait... that's just another downside...

Energy Shield Starts at 0.. Damn, another downside?

Life Leech effects are not removed at full life
! Now we're talking, that sounds useful!

Life Leech effects Recover Energy Shield instead while on Full Life! Now that's a perk if I've ever seen one.

Now remember that Pious Path makes it so that all of our Life Regeneration applies to our Energy Shield as well.

What this essentially means is that if we have any sources of life leech on our build we get something that's effectively equivalent to Overleeching.

I recommend watching Zizaran's Defensive Layers guide to understand why overleech is so powerful in PoE but it effectively aids us in being immortal.

Our Energy Shield and Life are essentially always full and when they aren't we are regenerating them back at about 40% (up to 48ish) of our EHP per second not including our leeching.

Our Defenses! (Enduring Cry / Vigilant Strike / Shields)
Enduring Cry gives us consistent endurance charges as well as almost 4000 ehp over 1 second. We also use Vigilant Strike attached to General's Cry which combos with The Vigil Crimson Jewel on our passive tree. This gives us Fortify for nearly 15 seconds which is a huge bonus.

Fortify grants us -20% damage taken which is incredibly strong.

Oh and we use a shield which lets us block and we use life / energy shield recovery on block to heal 4-5% each time.

Spectres? What are those?
When you kill monsters in Path of Exile they will, usually, leave behind their corpse. You can raise a spectre from the corpse consuming it in the process.

What makes this cool is that when you raise a spectre and go to another map the game actually takes that spectre with you! This is beneficial for Detonate Dead as it adds any raised spectres to the 'pool' of monsters that are considered to be in the map!

We want to bring the monsters with the highest health pools with us wherever we go; in order to increase our Detonate Dead's damage as much as possible!

Which Spectres Should I use?
In general, I recommend using two spectres at a time.

There are plenty of high health spectres to choose from.

I will list them in order here:

Primal Crushclaw - 1200% HP - Harvest
Primal Blisterlord - 900% HP - Harvest

WIP (There's a few heist ones in repository if you need to know their names right now. I have to find a list and I dont have one sadly).

How do I get the strongest Spectres in Trade League with minimal effort?

1) Type /global 6666
2) Say "Can someone give me Crushclaw and Blisterlord?".
3) Join party.
4) Tteleport to their hideout.
5) Desecrate
6) Raise Spectre (Hold A to target corpses easier)

How do I make a Spectre Bank and how do they work?

0) Raise a Crushclaw and Blisterlord in your Hideout at least once (In the past 15 minutes)
1) Go to Last Town.
2) Talk to Lily
3) Purchase Level 1 Desecrate and Level 1 Raise Spectre
4) Put in Storage
5) Make a Witch on the same league and be sure to click PVP. She will start around level 30 with a bunch of skill points.
6) Path straight up to Death Attunement
7) Desecrate your Hideout
8) Raise a Primal Blisterlord (900% Increased Maximum Life)
9) Raise a Primal Crushclaw (1200% Increased Maximum Life)

This works because hideouts have no mobs in the mob pool by default. Bringing a Raised Spectre to a map (including your hideout) adds your spectre list to the maps "corpse" list.

Hideouts reset their instance after 15 minutes if a player hasn't been in the map.

Hideout Instances DO NOT reset when you log out until after said 15 minutes is up.


Gem and Gear Progression

Early Game

Leveling Gems (1-28)

Stormblast Mine - B-B-G
Swift Assembly is obtained by making a Shadow and transferring it through your stash. Only obtainable on Templar in Act 3 if you don't mule it over.

Orb of Storms - B-B-B-G

Auras - B-B-R

Movement - B-B-B

Guard Skill / Utility - R-G

Leveling Gear (1-28)

Our goal here is to get +1 to lightning skill gems or +1 to socketed gems from Lifesprig. There is a guide to crafting these wands at league start below in the crafting section.
Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/pJoKVDeH0

Our basic goal is to get a 4 link with Maximum Life and Resists.
Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/E4EX3BLt5

More life and resists.
Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/VOb2jXlsp

Movespeed and life for this slot.
Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/yVnWwMlhR

Body Armour
Again, life and resists are priority.
6L Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/j8nRnRSX

For more information look into the item sets in Path of Building

Mid-Game (First, Second, and Third Lab)

Mid-Game Gems (29-78)

Cremation (Good for bossing) - G-B-B-B

Armageddon Brand - B-B-B-B

Auras - R-R-B

Movement Skill - B-B-B

Zoning / Desecrate (Needed for Cremation) - B-B-B-G

Mid-Game Gear (29-78)

Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/oPzklWrhl
Prioritize +1 To Fire Spell Skill Gems

Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/OKvPbnaTE
Goldrim: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/7XGgz2H5
Prioritize Health and Resistance (and links)

Body Armour
Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/JKl6pDvhl
Prioritize Health and Resistance.

Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/gVBdVkgFQ
Prioritize Health and Resistance.

Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/VO8DQzrSp
Prioritize Health and Resistance.

Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/ZmkVw80CQ
Prioritize Health and Resistance.

Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/ZmkVk2YuQ
Prioritize Life and Resists.

Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/X5yV3E7IP
Prioritize fire damage for now. Pick this up around level 40.

Endgame (78+)

Endgame Gems

Vaal Detonate Dead - G-B-B-B-B-R

Trigger Wand - (Generic) - B-B-B

Trigger Wand - (Bossing) - B-B-B
Replace Coldsnap with frost bomb (if maven is present)

Desecrate - (Shield Setup) - G-B-B

Auras - R-R-R-R

Summons / Utility - B-B-B-B

Defensive Layers - R-R-R-G

Endgame Gear
Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/kVnQvdKc5
For the weapon we mainly want +#% Increased Fire Damage and Global Critical Strike Multiplier. Non-global critical strike modifiers will not affect your DD damage so please keep that in mind. Explanation is further up in this forum post.

Note that you need an open suffix to craft Trigger Socketed Spell When you Use a Skill which can be obtained from discord communities or in game trade chat at your own risk.

Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/903MPLRHK
For our shield we mainly want things that keep us alive. That's Maximum Life and Life / ES recovery when we block attacks. I'm currently investigating whether or not it's worth investing in more block earlier on.

Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/43abdYEU9
+#% Increased Detonate Dead Damage is probably our best enchant. Ideally we would have Nearby Enemies have #% to Fire Resistance. Aside from that maximum life and resists. Start thinking about Chaos Resistance at this point in time.

Body Armour
Trade Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/rynJzg4IQ
This is where our 6 Link setup for Detonate Dead is going. Our goal is to have a lot of maximum life, life regen, and Gain 10% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield crafting bench modifier on our chest. Resists and Physical damage conversion are also excellent on this slot.






My Stuff

My Gems (3.13)
Honestly not worth keeping up to date. I change my gems frequently to try different things. Keep an eye on the PoB for updates!

My Gear (3.13)


Crafting Guide (Coming soon!)






Credits / Honorable Mentions:
Discord peeps
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Reserving this spot for later. PoB has been updated considerably and is now fully usable. Thread is still a Work In Progress but I'll finish it up later today.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think! I'm open to suggestions and ideas!
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I look forward to you finishing this up. I've been following Ziz's guide. Due to work I got a late start. I've just finished the 3rd lab. This weekend I will transition into dd and see how it goes.
term wrote:
I look forward to you finishing this up. I've been following Ziz's guide. Due to work I got a late start. I've just finished the 3rd lab. This weekend I will transition into dd and see how it goes.

Thanks! I am working on it right now! (Adding trade links, and all the endgame stuff)

The PoB is fully fleshed out though I will say so you can use that to jump straight into it!

Thank you, the trade links are very useful!
Could you say in a few words how your build differs from Nugi and Zizarian build?
Thank you, the trade links are very useful!
Could you say in a few words how your build differs from Nugi and Zizarian build?

from what I can tell he's basically just making a more in depth guide to the builds they're using and laying it out on paper which is very nice. I was thinking about making this as my second character in the league or maybe a totem build after I finished my low life necromancers gear.
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soulburn wrote:
Thank you, the trade links are very useful!
Could you say in a few words how your build differs from Nugi and Zizarian build?

Hey! Yeah for the most part it follows pretty closesly to Zig/Nugis especially the leveling.

I found on my own however that a Replica Atziris Foible is better in the neckless slot and I also added the Chaos DoT cluster on the right side (Growth and Decay)

I was also thinking of taking the warcry cluster on the left side which heals you for 10% of your life when you use a warcry.

I'm working on a possible transition to a cluster jewel setup at the moment for endgame.

I also came up with the golems blood annoint idea on my own with 2% regen as the implicit however I'm thinking of trying 10% life instead on the talisman. You can also get global crit but I don't feel our damage is low enough to justify losing out on more defenses.

I'll put a full list of changes that I came up with compared to theirs somewhere in the guide over the next few days and I hope to come up with more innovations over the coming weeks.

I hope that it was obvious I took heavy inspiration from their builds and I in no way want to claim that I came up with this. I'm very grateful they made this build guide and I got to help other people learn how to use it as well (I had a hard time figuring out their PoB which is why I made my own, and then a friend said I should upload it to the forums)

Thanks for the comment by the way!
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When would you say I should transition fully to DD? After uber lab or before? When I 6l a chest? Etc.

Personally I found vigil + vigilant strike + general's cry overkill for softcore, so I traded all of that away for shield charge/fortify/faster attacks, which really helps with mapping imo.
term wrote:
When would you say I should transition fully to DD? After uber lab or before? When I 6l a chest? Etc.


When you grab a 6L chest would be my advice. Just make sure you drop the brand nodes when you do make the switch.

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