[3.13] Champion Bleedmancer Build 14 Auras 2021 EDITION. non-League starter but All CONTENT viable!

Welcome im new to making build guides so let me know if there is something im missing.

Now they really nurfed high damage auramancer builds atleast on scion witch is sad i love stacking auras its like pringles once you stack you cant go back.

But then i saw they raised Champions Inspirational to 30% increased effect of non-curse auras from you skills and i knew i had to try aura stacking on a champion witch is not hard i have done it in the past the problem was how to have decent damage and still keep auras i tried impales didn't work so i tried bleed turns out it worked like a charm got the damage to 1mil while remaining very tanky from the auras.

Paste Bin : https://pastebin.com/fF2yTnrp https://pastebin.com/fF2yTnrp

You need the community fork path of building to view the build properly

Here are my items



Skills gems

Sword =

shield =

Helment =

Boots =

Gloves =

Rings =

Body Armour =

Main skill is Lacerate gives us the best damage if you feel you need more speed you can throw in
Multistrike Support but you should be fine with out it.

And for my crafters out there

if you can make a sword with high physical damage , chance for bleed to do more damage , and auras from your skills grant 2% increased damage to you and allies. It will really boost your bleed damage.

here are some budget items you can use but this build is most definitely not a league starter and is not cheap you main goal is to stack increased effect of auras and try to get you bleed damage up that's it high mana reserved is not as important but the more the better as always. You will be immune to chaos damage bleed and cant be frozen.i

Ichimonji Corsair Sword

The jinxed JuJu Citrine Amulet

I have yet to test it against sirus or the elder but it runs T16 maps just fine if you have any questions let me know also if you find a way to improve the build let me know.

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davon8ball wrote:
Nice best build I have ever seen

did you forget to change accounts? also no reason to bump a build thread
lol oh i know was just sad i had no comments
Interesting build! :)
IGN: Steelmage
This build saved my life.
Great build will try it till end of the league :)
Interesting YEP :)

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