[3.13] Bleed Deadeye | Bosskiller | Good alternative to Bleed Glad

tempered you're just limited to the position of tempered is since you should only be taking 2 notables.

what do you mean by that ?


got any tips what i should got for next etc ?
nice build, i am using it now and it is going good. I have a question. Why we use poacher's mark as an active skill? Why we dont use poacher ring? Is it about focal point ascendency?

Build looks good, I am looking for a build with good clear and bossing. I should have about a 30 ex budget once I sell my current gear.

I am sure I can afford everything but the bow will probably cost a ton. Do you think Mapping red maps will be fine with a crimson storm while I harvest craft a bow.

A bit of an update

Well I am running the build and just hit maps. With some of the currency I was able to get the crimson storm and farruls chest. Got the helm already but the watcher's eye is expensive at this time. (one is for 6 ex but no reply other then that its like 19ex) Ima just keep checking through out the days for a cheaper one.

You can get a elder harbinger bow with bleed mod for 1 ex. I was able to just get that mod and 6 link it since it had 30% quality on it. So I can harvest craft away. The amulet is expensive if you look for aspect of the cat but it costs 9 chaos to get the farrul first of the plain for the beatcraft.

I don't think some of the end game gear is that hard to get, You just need to get alot of harvest crafts. With that said though I think at this point in the league and in future leagues this build may be more expensive then the current league start. As you said people were selling jewels with crit multi and bleed damage for cheaper but now there more expensive. That will probably happen next league.

I can already tell with my damage that this will be able to clear all content and I think it'll probably be the build I gear for while using a league starter build next league.
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