Adorned with a swirling black hole and flashes of constellations, you will leave a trail of stars in your wake on your travels through Wraeclast with the new Ethercraft Weapon Effect. This cosmetic effect is available in green, blue, red and purple varieties, making it the perfect addition to any weapon. If you can’t decide on a favourite, you may be interested in getting the Ethercraft Weapon Effect Bundle! Watch the videos below or get yours here.

This weapon effect will go perfectly with the newly released Ethercraft Aura Effect. Both of these microtransactions look great with other cosmetic effects from the store, such as the Black Armour Pack, Black Cloak, Black Character Effect and Black Portal Effect.

Thank you for your support!
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Pog 4 colors
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Recolor Ethercraft Weapon Effect and Ethercraft Aura Effect Pack
The colors, Duke; the colors!
You can layer the aura version of these so perhaps it's time for a weapon mixing feature (2 maybe 3 simultaneously? Albeit the results would probably be over the top).
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not pog
Make it so that if I have all of these, I can set them to alternate between different colors.
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