[3.13] Burning Arrow Ignite Elementalist / ES Tree Added

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Stream Link: https://www.twitch.tv/beardbro92
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/nSq63S9e56
Guild Recruitment Status: Open
League: SSF / Ritual Softcore Trade League

New POB as of 1/15/2021 10:10AM EST

Please take note that the End Game POB Bow and Quiver and some of the other pieces are END GAME, meant for after you have a ton of currency. you will not obtain that level of DPS until you build currency. There is a "budget" gear swap with Doomfletch and Drillneck, all you have to do is click the dropdown box where it says "Item Set" and click "Budget"

CI Soulstrike Variant (Less DPS but more survival)

After working with a fellow POE player "WeNoFear" we worked on a tree for an ES based variant of the build. Note that this is NOT budget and will cost quite a bit of currency to fossil craft most of the gear (Dense fossils for ES crafting). The idea of this is to have full chaos immunity, fast ES recharge, tons of evasion (flasks + 2K flat from tree), Basalt Flask protection as well as Quartz flask dodge and cinderswallow flask helping us regen during mapping. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: this build has no base stun immunity. YOU MUST TAKE SOUL OF THE BRINE KING, and the STUN AVOIDANCE roll on cinderswallow to smooth it out. Also, you can swap your warding flask for steadiness (block and stun recovery 60%). The DPS is still fairly high so you should still be able to boss comfortably :)
Build explanation
The idea behind this build is to take advantage of a few things. Thing 1: Shaper of Flames. This allows all of our damage from ALL sources to compound into 1 big hit that ignites. Thing 2: Doomfletch. Doomfletch takes our physical damage and adds it as damage of EACH element, which all adds together to make one big fat ignite. Thing 3: Shaper of Storms: Free Shock. Thing 4: Mastermind of Discord. With Wave of Conviction applying fire exposure, this is just a free damage boost. We get 90% of our damage from Doomfletch and the ascendancy, freeing up alot of passive points for life, survivability, evasion, and traveling across the entire fucking tree lol.

This is my planned league start, and I am going to continue to try to optimize it. As for league start, I wont be able to ignite properly until I get my first 2 ascendancy points, so up until then I will most likely play a spellcaster setup with freezing pulse and totems of some sort. The moment we unlock our first 2 ascendancy nodes, BOOM bow time!

Gearing Guide:

Before reading this, keep one thing in mind: While you are using doomfletch, FLAT PHYSICAL DAMAGE RULES OVER FLAT ELEMENTAL DAMAGE. When you read these gearing guides, anywhere where it says flat phys/ele, always prioritize Physical over Elemental flat damage until you switch off of Doomfletch onto your endgame bow, then elemental damage takes priority in the following order: Lightning > Fire > Cold.

On your bow, you are looking for Imperial or Solarine bases. Your priority for modifiers on your bow are as follows: Elemental Damage to Attacks (Lightning>Fire>Cold), Damage Over Time Multiplier, and then attack speed (helps keep burning arrow stacks up at max) and additional pierce/arrows (Clear speed help)


On your quiver, you want to prioritize getting a hunter base, then crafting mods on it in this order: Life, Fire DoT Multi, DoT Multi, Elemenetal Damage with Attacks, Flat Physical Damage (If using doomfletch), if NOT using doomfletch, flat elemental damage, Attack Speed


On your helmet, you want to prioritize Life, Resists, and Accuracy. If you want to spend some extra money, you can go for a Redeemer base for Increased burning damage modifier, or crusader base for % of physical damage from hits taken as lightning damag, to help mitigate physical damage a bit more.


For gloves, you want to rush a Hunter base as soon as possible and aim for Maximum Life, Fire Damage Over Time Multiplier, then Flat Phys/Ele, Attack Speed, and then Accuracy/Resists last.

For boots, you want to go for Movement Speed, Life, and huge resistances. Once you move into end-game, aim for a pair of hunter boots and go for "Ignites you inflict deal damage 10% Faster

For your amulet, your priorities are as follows: Hunter Base - Fire Damage Over Time Multiplier, Life, Elemental Damage With Attacks, then Flat Fire/Elemental Damage, and Resistances. If you are still missing accuracy, you can fill it here.

Rings are a great place to add DPS with this build. You want to aim for Life, Ele Damage with Attscks, Increased Damage with Ailments, and Flat Phys/Ele Damage. You can also opt to go for less DPS and fill in resistances here if needed, or accuracy if youre still under 95% hit rating somehow.

Dyadian Dawn. Period. End of Discussion.


1-35 - As witch we get access to a very good caster toolkit, so we will start off as a caster and switch to bow setup as soon as we unlock the library and get our first 2 ascendancy points.

Leveling spells below:
Option 1:
Flame Wall + Kinetic Bolt + Holy Flame Totem // Dash movement or Frostblink
This is effective if you aim your kinetic bolts and holy flame totems through the flame wall
Add supports to the skills as needed
Option 2:
Freezing Pulse + Holy Flame Totem + Raise Zombie // Dash or Flame Dash for movement
Freezing pulse is a great leveling spell as well as Holy Flame Totem as they do a ton of damage for little investment. Raise zombie with minion damage is fairly easy to upkeep as well :)

Level 35:
Trade League: Get a cheap unique bow, strongly suggesting STORM CLOUD, ROTH'S REACH, OR DOOMFLETCH
Non Trade League: Get the best bow you can, or craft a rare with decent damage

Complete Library quest to unlock vendor, and buy the following
Burning Arrow
Lesser Multiple Projectiles
Added Lightning
Burning Damage
Elemental Damage with Attacks

Link together BA + LMP + Added Lightning + Burning damage in a 4 link. If you dont have a 4 Link, remove Added lightning.

Buy Herald of Purity + Malevolence
Only put on one aura for now and use a mana flask to upkeep mana
(I would suggest malevolence)
Look for a pierce quiver or get a drillneck if you are trade league


Until you get awakened gems, your best 6 link (IN THIS ORDER) is as follows:
Burning Arrow
Ignite Proliferation
Deadly Ailments
Burning Damage
Elemental Damage with Attacks

Build Updates:
I found some ways to sneak in more damage on the mechanical side of things. One of those methods was to increase our attack rate to make it easier to maintain the 5 stacks of burning arrow (2.00 or higher attack rate makes this obtainable, however aiming for 2.5+ is ideal). I also added infernal cry as a boost against big bosses where you need that extra damage. Covering the enemy in ash with infernal cry adds a good 600k damage to your kit. I also added combustion to our wave of conviction CWDT since all of our hits ignite, wave will not ignite when it goes off, which then lowers the enemy's resistance by an additional 19% which was another large chunk of dps.

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You can anoint Burning Brutality and save like 7 points
elementalist madness intensified lol, gj
Scrumpy_Jack wrote:
You can anoint Burning Brutality and save like 7 points

Still debating what to annoint but that was my thought if i decide to annoint that.
POB Updated after some small revisions, please update yours as well
What if I used asenaths helmet and put Wave of Conviciton/Despair/ Some other things in here? Checked POB and it goes from 4.2m to 4m and maybe that is worth it? I don't know haha just throwing it out there.
enasniddg77 wrote:
What if I used asenaths helmet and put Wave of Conviciton/Despair/ Some other things in here? Checked POB and it goes from 4.2m to 4m and maybe that is worth it? I don't know haha just throwing it out there.

That's up to you bud :) I like using hrimnor's because it gives me full chill and freeze immunity and good life for a few chaos at league start, from there I will probably move to a crafted helm. If you want to try new things, that is how discoveries are made, feel free! :)
LOL PoB just updated and our tooltip went up to 6mill. Apparently it wasnt calculated correctly before ;)
I'm wondering if there is some way to abuse Dyadian Dawn, Stormfire and the new Blackflame ring in this or a similar build. You could switch weapons to the tempest, stack the easier to reach Chaos DoT nodes and your despair would up your DPS, and wither totems could really stack up the chaos burning damage.

The issue is that PoB doesn't seem to be treating Blackflame correctly in the present build.
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League starting with this tree will be a pain in the ass tho going from left side to assassin is like 23 points of nothing except strength/dex/life node also accuracy while leveling might be sketchy ? idk

I'm not sure if BA after first lab is going to carry you until maps but otherwise as non league start this seems promising

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