Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas Gem Information

Where is my Spectral Throw on this list?
Hope they will add the Missing gems
this is not full gem list.. while you nerf ascendency, you said there's buff in gems, where are the minions gems updates?

one month of extra time for preparation and here comes not complete list of info? seriously?
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meh.. these skills need a lot bigger buffs to compete against some of the current meta. Not worth it. Some are ok.. but these are not going to make we switch.
I don't know very well what to play in this league and maybe I will miss it as other friends of mine will do the same !!!
it is not normal to wait for the new league and end up disappointed
Trinity support feedback: The cap should be increased to 100 the rate of decay should increase to 10/second and the ele pen reduced to 15% at gem lvl 20

Cap of 50 is just not enough. Trying to scale and use multiple elements simultaneously is tough and there aren't many avenues in which to do that. Which is a large part of why you don't often see builds trying to scale multiple elements. It's just not that efficient. Sure you could use a fast skill of one element just to proc trinity while scaling and actually attacking with a different one. Likely too clunky to make it worthwhile. Considering you could play a legit combo skill IN/FB or BF/BB which are both pretty nuts. Or you know just play mines if you want to press 2 buttons.
Trinity looks like garbage. All those exclusions for function and limit to selfcast means its unusable unto POE2 rolls around. Even then, its just bad for other reasons.
"After play testing Endless Delve, many people on the team wanted to make it a one day event" -- Bex 24/11/2020
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I am so excited to play these new impactful skill gems! Oh wait there are none? KEKW
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Looks good, rly does.
Was hoping for a last minute Firestorm buff tho ngl.
It still lacks some more flat dmg. :(
Trying to satisfy the whole PoE community is like telling a nymphomaniac to only have sex once in a week.

I think that's fairly accurate. :')

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