Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas - Zizaran's Maven Kill Event

zizaran for president!
Props to Shopify and their team members who are true PoE fans (Ziz has talked about this before), and not just being a disinterested advertising company.
Darkee wins.
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"Zizaran has arranged $40,000 for the event's prize pool. On top of cash prizes for players, there are also microtransaction prizes provided by us"

Come on !!!

ziz = 40k
GGG = mistery boxes

You can do better than that GGG
ZZzzz I thought this is the patch note. DONT make me disappointed plz GGG.
You'll get your patch notes when you fix this damn door! -bully Maguire
Thanks for kill trade league again KekW
Awesome! PatchNotesWhen. =P
Im in
Delight in your gilded dungeon, Ascendant.


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