The 3.13.0 Expansion Announcement is Tomorrow!

Great!!! Waiting
Hoping the lantern signifies a Delve type league. But yeah, it looks like a boat.
"This is the final announcement of the announcement before the official announcement goes live"

Classic GGG

My guess is tomorrow is more than just an announcement its...

- 3.13 reveal w/details
- new end game/atlas changes reveal w/details
- POE Mobile update
- POE2 update maybe even some footage of other acts
- And probably some teases/slight reveals of
-new skills
-QoL changes
-skill tree changes
-graphical improvements

I'll be at work so prob wont see much but will definitely have twitch up and running...looking forward to all the news!

I've lost control of the controls...
Jesus take the wheel"
RAizQT during Kammel HC race
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This is the final announcement of the announcement before the official announcement monkaW

and Im ready for ghost flame area
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Hype !!
Coffee & Cigarettes
As someone that quit PoE after Legion and just came back to it, to check it out... i must say that i hope this isn't another convoluted league mechanic that requires third party cheatsheets and a ton of micromanaging with a non-intuitive UI to boot, like a bunch of 3.x leagues have been.
Hopefully the mtx rewards for challenegs will actually be good too. Interested in the new endgame aswell!
Quit after Legion, rejoined PoE to see what the game's like now in 3.12.
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oooh boy I feel it will be something special!!

You are the best GGG, keep your high quality work up <3
So is that what the countdown is for?
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I like how GGG bulid tension each day :D

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