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Benzka wrote:
Ohhh God pls let the new supporter packs be good 🤞 and let them have some "value" for the money

I agree the last few supporter packs were not all that exciting. The Core Supporter packs are not all that exciting either. I really need something to excite me for the new league otherwise I may end up skipping my first league since starting in Blight League.
just do it! (pls)
sirgog wrote:
Will we still have minor items scattered in there, like a unique reveal here or a div card reveal there?

Yes we will, read the text, it is in there
Jan 8 - Q&A summary and possibly an FAQ if needed.

For years I've wondered wether the a/an rule only applies to how you write it or also to how you pronounce it.

Thank you very much for putting me out of this misery.
Perception is reality.
Three days of pure boredom!
Excited too see how it will be going.
Wish everyone a pleasant experience.
ThIsIsToXiN wrote:
Why is heist going core tho? It was a failure.

Go play Minecraft
Death's Oath league please bro
Let the Hype Go ON^^
Blessed mother, save us !

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