Later this week, we're announcing our 3.13.0 expansion during an exclusive livestream and you'll be able to play it yourself on January 15. Because we usually have more time between an expansion's announcement and launch, you may be wondering what the news period between these two dates looks like! We've got you covered.

This schedule is in PST

  • Jan 7 - 3.13.0 Announcement and new supporter packs.
  • Jan 8 - Q&A summary and possibly an FAQ if needed.
  • Jan 9 - Challenge rewards revealed.
  • Jan 10 - All [redacted] revealed.
  • Jan 11 - Heist League ends at 1pm.
  • Jan 11 - 3.13 Private Leagues become available for pre-purchase.
  • Jan 11 - All [redacted] revealed.
  • Jan 11 - 3.13 Balance Manifesto.
  • Jan 12 - Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree information.
  • Jan 13 - All new and changed gems at level 20 with 20% quality.
  • Jan 14 - Launch day information and possible torrent link for pre-download.
  • Jan 15 - 3.13.0 Launch.
  • Jan 16 - New Mystery Box Revealed.

We may also post teasers throughout this timeframe to reveal new items and more!
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damn almost 1
Last edited by HanSoloDK on Jan 4, 2021, 4:30:56 PM
Will we still have minor items scattered in there, like a unique reveal here or a div card reveal there?
Le Toucan Will Return
All Hail Mother of the Atlas
redacted lol

A fishing league?
Ohhh God pls let the new supporter packs be good 🤞 and let them have some "value" for the money
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Haaaa still 3 more days, you can't post stuff like this without a little carrot ! XD

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