[DEAD]💣Velyna's Poets Pen Blade Blast 💣 Easy Start All Content | Melt Endgame | 15m DPS + Tanky

SuzuyaJuzo wrote:

i just wanan ask if kinetic bolt anomalous needs to be level 10 or can be 20.

It can be 20, just depends on your mana sustain.
My possible leaguestarter
This worked out really smoothly for my league start for 3.14. a little expensive but once you get awakened spell cascade and +2 ammy it's extremely smooth.

Here's the changes I've made so far.
- I subbed in a phys increase and buff effect herald of purity ring + herald of purity instead of flesh and stone now that it reserves more mana.

- replica farruls is too expensive so I'm using green nightmare to generate frenzy charges and an anointment to generate endurance charge on block. For now at least.
I may go with a +attack crit/frenzy charge on hit influence chest and bypass replica farruls which would free up a jewel slot to use a more defensive jewel or double flat spell phys.

Im a little confused on a few things.
1.) Should we ignore crit multi because blade blast is supported by controlled destruction?
2.) Does increases AOE on blade blast spread the explosions apart or just expand the explosions themselves to create more overlap?
3.) Is there an alternative for a different helm like
Devouring diadem so we can run an additional aura and get Regen from CWDT+desecrate?
4.) Is there a more clever way of generating endurance charges?

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