3.12 KnusEthus's - Blade Vortex, Aurastack, CI Jugg. Facetank anything (almost) with massive dps

Tired of playing the same old Blade Vortex as everyone else, go Jugg CI without damage conversion. Massive physical dmg with loads of sweet auras!

CI combined with Jugg and auras gives a lot of survivability, add to that about 50% of physical damage from hits converted to elemental dmg and you are almost immortal. Can tank A8 Sirius's Die beam easily.

Damage stacking on the tree comes from physical large cluster jewels and non-curse aura medium jewels. DPS with the right weapon and gear scales endlessly, since this build does not use uniques except for Circle of guilt rings. The rings is not a must, a great influenced ring can replace them.

While the build is expensive for endgame, it is possible to start out on a budget clearing maps easily and upgrade along the way. No item is "required" for it to function properly.

Newest videos here (more further down):
T17, 100% Delirium
Standing in fire, Sirius A8
Pit of the Chimera, full clear
Delve depth 666
Cortex boss

Massive DPS
Chaos immune
Freeze/Stun/Temp chain's immune
No resists on gear needed
Very tanky (90% physical dmg reduction not counting armor, 87-90% elemental resist)
Can do any map mod (need swap gear for phys reflect)
Clears HotGM map
Harvest Lab runner


PoB community link:

All the visible rare gear can easily be crafted. Most of mine is made by awaken combining either 2 prefixes or 2 suffixes, and then meta crafting.

- If its not possible to do explosion on weapon i recomend having it on chest.
- Hatt enchant is optional between any 50% aura reserve reduction
- Adjust resists to level/multipliers of auras, when you get enough non-curse aura effect you can remove all resistance from gear and focus on influence stats.
- Tailwind does not affect dps of BV so i dont use it, if you love movespeed go for that instead of increased duration support :)
- Since this build absolutely destroys all trash content; stay clear of any "on kill" effects from gear and focus on influence stats that affects bosses

Gear priority:
+lvl of gems bow>circle of guilt rings>explosion chest>lab enchant>the rest


Stats to look for: Reserve implicit as you need it, ES>Multi>critt chance, physical damage, spell damage

Medium cluster :

Large cluster:


Cinderswallow, Basalt flask, Quicksilver and a Diamond flask are the basic flasks. Bottled faith when/if you can afford it


Blade vortex:

- Only Unleash and Empower are required
- The others can be switched depending on taste, controlled destruction, increased AoE and Concentrated effect for example are viable
- If your crit chance is very high, critical damage is better then critical strike support
- If you have power charge generation on chest, switch powercharge support to something else





- Auras can be anywhere, use enlighten supports as needed
- Vaal blade vortex is recomended for extra dps
- Can also use Vaal RF in the start to boost dps, endgame it is realy not needed at all
- Alternate quality and awakened gems are not needed but nice!

- Kill all bandits for extra skill points
- Level up using prefered leveling skill, BV is no fun at lower levels

If the guide is missing something il update on request.
For any questions feel free to message me
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After nerf of cluster jewels this build had to move to Scion to make up for the loss of auraeffect. New buildguide is now up and can be found here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3056337

The build is even stronger as Scion, what nerf i didnt notice?!

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