The final event of the year, the three-week Heist Flashback, begins soon! Join the ruckus at Noon December 18 (PST)! In each area you'll contest with several popular mods from past leagues in a harrowing mad-dash for power and glory. Alongside Heist, each area in Wraeclast will have a random selection of three of the following mods present. These mods will change every hour, on the hour.

  • 2 Additional Rogue Exiles
  • 2 Additional Invasion Bosses
  • 1 Additional Breach
  • 2 Additional Strongboxes
  • 3 Additional Tormented Spirits
  • 2 Additional Perandus Chests and a 33% chance to spawn Cadiro
  • 3 Additional Rare Monster Packs with Nemesis Mods
  • 3 Additional Magic Monster Packs with Bloodlines
  • 1 Additional Abyss
  • 2 Additional Harbingers
  • 1 Timeless Monolith
  • 1 Metamorph
  • 1 Delirium Mirror
  • Beyond

If you'd like to participate, find out more information about the event and prizing here. The Heist Flashback will be running until 10am January 4 (PST) so you have plenty of time to join even if you're unable to play at the start.

We've also just started a big sale on pet microtransactions. From a majestic Dragon Hunter Pet to a playful Corgi Pet, there are more than a hundred cosmetic effects available at a discount. Take a look at the full selection here. The sale ends at Dec 21, 2020 10:00 PM (EST) (this is displayed in your local time). If you need points for the sale, check out our new annual Core Supporter Packs. Thank you for your support!

By the way, the voting for 'A Labor of Love' Steam Awards nomination is still running. If you haven't cast your vote yet, you still have time to show your support for Grinding Gear Games' commitment to Path of Exile!

Have a great weekend, Exiles. Best of luck to everyone who's joining the Flashback event!
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Pets! Yessssss!
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Will these mods appear on twilight strand

Have you seen the sun exile? THE TRUE SUN?
Free delirium is actually significant, funny that something like that is worth the same slot as 2 rogue exiles... How the game has powercrept.
There's no powercreep here. Creep implies it's slow and could be overlooked, this is a full out sprint.
POGGERS let's go
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
Go, Johnny, Go!
Last edited by depredator92 on Dec 17, 2020, 11:00:37 PM
davoodinator wrote:
Will these mods appear on twilight strand


Flashback mods will not appear in The Twilight Strand.
Please realize that ending it on Jan 4 does not make this 3 weeks.
Wow.... one whole breach per zone? This is insane.... void it before it ruins standard
Last edited by Voltaxic on Dec 17, 2020, 11:42:47 PM
Voltaxic wrote:
Wow.... one whole breach per zone? This is insane.... void it before it ruins standard

Yes. League should be voided due to having 1 breach, it will completely ruin the standard econ at the end.

Good thing there are no shrines too. Imagine having 1 shrine per map, COMPLETELY BROKEN.
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