Streamer Interview - tytykiller

GGG do be the best though, no cap
Why do you guys keep interviewing streamers through text typing? They are STREAMERS, they have a web-camera, never noticed?!
Thanks for the interview, always interesting to hear new perspectives!
tytykiller is a PoggerZoo strimer
That was a nice interview. Especially the part how he started out racing. I love reading about that. Thanks!
nice interview. pog tyty
Nice one!
Nice interview and a very skilled racer indeed. I can't believe that anyone would hate on this dude and say what he has done is crap because it is in softcore. I thought this interview illustrated that he has put the time in and he is very modest about the special talents he has. Keep it up.
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Nice little interview from one of my favorite streamer/racers. Although, I only watch tyty via U Tube. Still, I enjoy his quick banter on advice for the leveling process and other tips that can apply to a plodder, like me. I especially appreciate his banter in comparison to when he does not do any vocal pieces on a speedrun. It is just not the same as when he vocally explains his runs!

I wish him well in his future endeavors and racing events. Well done!
Thanks for the interview. Tyty always has some thoughful insights.

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