DRE001: 1-Week Mayhem

More than 9k of presents and not recibe nothing.... but the top players is segure theyrs recibe your presents.... thanks ggg...
[Removed by Support] i staid up and woke up early to play this [Removed by Support] to lvl 85 and got nothing??just a hideout decoration from the free box,well thx you just lost the next supporter pack that i wanted to buy for the next league,really disappointed i will not even lvl my char anymore there's no point
Last edited by Lisa_GGG on Dec 14, 2020, 9:38:38 AM
"League has finished" i got not drawn, i guess, so can we delete the character? do we need to or will it "void" itself?
So when is the draw? Those characters are just taking too much space. Events ended weeks ago.

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