CTF achievement group

Hey, I'm looking for people to boost the 3v3 CTF achievement. Either respond or PM me on the forums. My IGN are WolfeEDScrub and WolfeLetThemBleed
Last bumped on Dec 10, 2023, 2:35:42 AM
Still looking people for CTF achievement?

I allso need it.
Yes, still need it. Hopefully more people are interested at some point.
I need it aswell. Send you a pm just to make sure.
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i need it as well

edit: there's a party in global 820 forming right now
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I need the Achievement as well.
Does anyone want to get CTF achievement right now?
I need it too, add me if you want!

Edit: My IGN: KlauzhLaVikinga
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IGN: Neturiu_kas_veikt

Would love to get this done already, its been days lol

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