Developer Interview - Concept Artist - QingYi Li

I recognise that ranger art, looks... different
Interesting read. Thanks!
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socun89 wrote:

Amazing work. I love the art of Path of Exile. You guys are so talented and have your own unique style.

Please post more of the hi-res character models!
I don't like the ranger one at all, the others look great. I especially like Cassia and thought she was really well done.
socun89 wrote:
Honestly I feel like POE has some of the most creative and talented artists around. Every time I see concept art it's insane - that's why it saddens even more because when you actually play the game itself, you don't really get to see any of this art because it's covered behind 2000x explosions, UI and particle diarrhea, and low poly models that appear on the screen as you zip around at 200kph.

It's a shame really. These artists truly are one of a kind.
Very inspiring QingYi! One of the more creative MTX designers for sure :P Keep up the good balance!
socun89 wrote:

This, is perfect.
Awesome work, has anyone had the idea to maybe do some kind of event/reward thing where if they win you would use their face as a new/next character that is revealed/inputted into the game?? That would be an awesome thing :)

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