3.12.5 Patch Notes

since latest patch run the game open map start the map n blink whole frigging comp shuts down wtf is this crap? is called a fix? lol
ha lol I got stuck in a door and about died.
Compared to a couple of months ago the game is running very smooth on the ps4. Yes at times it might still bluescreen and sometimes it gets laggy in crazy maps but I'm not bluescreening every 15 minutes anymore, that's amazing.

One thing that's hindering me lately to properly play end game content is the minimap. Every time I use a gate of sorts the map is either completely gone or fully visible. Both have the same effect, clearing the entire map becomes a bit more troublesome.

With gates I mean a Zana mission, an abyss gate, etc etc

If this were gone I'd have very few complaints left.

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