GGG is Hiring Quality Assurance Testers

Grinding Gear Games is looking to hire additional Quality Assurance Testers to work in our office in Auckland, New Zealand. While we'd love to find a way to accept worldwide applicants, the current situation means that we cannot. Please only apply if you currently reside in New Zealand and are either a New Zealand Citizen or Resident.

This role involves:
  • Testing new Path of Exile content and features to find problems.
  • Communicating these problems to the development team through our issue tracking software.
  • Following up on the state of these problems and working with developers to resolve them.
  • Checking candidate builds of content updates and patches for problems by going through checklists.
  • Scripting automated test-cases and improving our testing tools.

You should meet these requirements:
  • A bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, game design or an equivalent qualification.
  • At least three months of work experience performing quality assurance for computer games, or other team-based work experience.
  • 1000 hours of experience with our game, Path of Exile. Our game is extremely complicated and members of our quality assurance team require vast experience with all aspects of the game. While there is some training, it is vital that you already fully understand the game itself in order to apply for this role.

It helps to meet these other requirements:
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Be highly organised and hard working.
  • Have the ability to multitask and prioritise work when required.
  • Have excellent computer and technical skills.
  • Be seeking a long term position.

This is a full-time role in Henderson, Auckland. Please only apply if you currently reside in New Zealand and are either a New Zealand Citizen or Resident. The country's borders are closed and we will not be assisting with applying for work visas for this role.

To apply for this role, please email your Resume and a cover letter (introducing yourself and your history with PoE) to
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Over 1000 hours!
Freeze Arc Mines Guide (3.14) -
BRB movin' to NZ
Designing Cospri's Will:
Designing Cospri's Malice:
Iron Heart & Iron Fortress too!
I'm a NZ citizen that just about fits all the criteria but I'm currently working in Japan until around August next year haha
Hopefully by the time I'm back maybe there'll still be spots open ;P
Stupid virus, i'd have applied but i'm not in the right country :(
Woah. Good!
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Be seeking a long term position.

The person will get a mental breakdown in 6 month or 2 leagues.
"Hey we've got a terrible mess of 10 years old spaghetti code, literally no design ethics environment and we need a true paladin, holy man and blessed warrior who able to fix everything we've done already, within like one month. Someone, please, anyone, anyone?"
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I can provide free quality assurance but playing beta/alpha. 😅 PM me or let me know.
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1000 hours experience, EZ
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