[3.12] Scarfuncle's Shield Charge Berserker - Fast, Fun, All content viable, 30m+ DPS

Think it will work good for Mayhem?
OP Here. I'm playing the duelist version of this build as it is a little faster to start. The marauder has better endgame, but the duelist is speedy once you get blood rage at level 18

for some really smooth ghetto explosions:
+ The Impaler and replace ruthless with pulverise support.

thanks for build
Doing this build now, very fun. :)

One question though, how do you get 100% impale chance? I only get it to 80% with the setup from PoB.
What you're missing is quality on the dread banner and impale support. That puts you at 100% Aura effect also boosts your impale chance. Glad you're having fun!
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Made it to level 74. So far 4k life and its going pretty smooth. Only thing that needs a major upgrade are my gloves besides that build is fun but with some rituals i feel pretty squishy. Just need more life and to get quality on my gems sitting at around 85% chance to impale. I like the build and going to see what i can do to upgrade it.

Hey ,

I notice that when doing ritual instances there are times where I cant spam shield charge. I think it roots you and then you are stuck casting it 1 or 2 with a 2 sec delay before you can use it again.

Is there anything we can do ?

Yes, this is a bug that GGG needs to solve. Report it please. The more of us who report Toxic vines as stopping shield charge from attacking, the better. Just avoid in the meantime.

If you do click on it by accident, swirl in circles, charge once, and use your totem.
Loving this build leveling through the acts. Was wanting a tankier char over my other Coc blade fall. Highly recommend using tabula Rasa along with the other items you listed for leveling if possible. Then then the links being Shield charge , fortify supp, brutality supp, pulverize supp, impale supp , melee phys dmg supp. One around one hitting everything. Lovin it so far for ritual

Also also ring thats super cheap to help with mana for a long time is Praxis Paua ring
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