New Pets - Corgi, Cats, Rabbits and Ducks

Logocrafter wrote:
Ok bye then.
The game is free and the only way they make money is from mtx. If you don't understand even that much then I don't expect you'd understand that game companies have multiple employees with different jobs that focus on different parts of the game and there's no way that these little pets took away any significant time from development of the rest of the game.

So this is basically why PoE and many other games that relied on MTX are going or just gone forgotten and replaced by the next gen of it's own genre, I guess PoE is just lucky not many of the same kinda around so far.

And people actually state that a free to play game (we could even argue on the "free" part) the developers have the "right" to focus on MTX, just because that's whats giving them money.

By that argument soon we will have a dress up simulator, while mechanics and new leagues are left to a handful of overworked programmers to fix in a tight schedule, while we have daily implemented useless MTX that won't add any value to the game itself.

"multiple employees with diferent assigments" bro, you realize that their main budget on people payroll should be focused on their own game core?
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T-Rex and Blue wale pet when?
Perfect timing on the rabbit pets, as I'm currently reading Watership Down.

Having said that, I'm already running around with the original rabbit and a Madcap Hare, so I don't know how quickly I'll pick up the rest of the hutch.

I am digging the Corgi's take on the nine-tailed fox's schtick.
I_NO wrote:
JuldaFulda wrote:
girng wrote:

Found this on reddit


Exactly THIS is why i play PoE then D3!

I like dark, bloody realistic PoE. And they just make this ... fcking cuuuute animals, glowing effects, wings etc. Like every asia RPG. When i stop playing 14 days after Heist release, becouse it is bad and buggy league with incredibly bad patch notes. Now, i think its time to uninstall or i dont know. Rly dont understand, what GGG doing :(

0 care about game, 100% focus on MTX ...

Imagine uninstalling because of mtx LUL

Nope sir.
You just ignore my words about bad leagues, bad balance, bad game stability and bugs ...
I have 32 tabs + many league and special tabs. So i dont play this game completly for free.
I just compare focus on MTX with focus on state of game. They want more and more money for MTX for 0 investment in game. Thats what i see.

When someone want support them for this ... why not.
I play HC only, but casualy. So this game is not for me with problems what i say on top :)
And this MTX ruined feelings from that old dark PoE. Its just next reason ...
OMG I want the mallard pet asap *_*
Time to quit poe.

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