How to use stat filters on trade site

And means a specific Stat Filter must come up with your search. Use this by default if you're looking for specific modifiers and ranges.

Not means specific Stat Filters (or Stat Filter ranges if you wanna be tricky) shouldn't come up with your search. Typically use this with another Stat Group unless you want to see every possible item that doesn't have a specific modifier.

If means a Stat Filter should only turn up if it fits in the specified Min and Max range. Try using this with other Stat Groups and your perfect item might just pop up amongst a sea of 'good enoughs'.

Count searches for the specified number or range of Stat Filters you define. For example, if the range is 1 and you search for a Ring with the Stat Filters +#% total to Cold Resistance and +#% total to Fire Resistance, the search result should bring up items with either one relevant modifier or the other.

Weighted Sum adds a couple more range boxes to your Stat Group. A Weighted Sum at the top of the group and a Weight on each stat in its respective group. Adding a Weight number to an item will add a multiplier to it's range which you can use to either search for a specified Weighted Sum or sort into a sum of your choice (after you've confirmed the search).

For example, adding a Weight of 1 to +# total to Strength would mean +10 to Strength would be 10 towards your Weighted Sum. Adding a Weight of 2 to +# total to Dexterity means +10 to Dexterity would be 20 towards your Weighted Sum and etc.

Hope this information helps! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or contact us at! :)

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