[3.14] Consecrated Path Hallow Palm Build | Chieftain | Ultimatum | Path of Exile 3.14

AleXTC wrote:
why do u use Ruthless (Divergent) insted the mormal one?

More damage
AsceticPOE wrote:
What if I drop the warcry playstyle and just go balls-deep in attack speed abuse with the totem buff? What do you think?

Wouldn't be good with chieftain but you can go for berserker or raider or ascendant. Something better to scale with attack speed.
I have about 10-12ex that I would be willing to sink into this; would that be enough to get this comfortably cruising through juiced T16s and A8 Sirus?

This is what I have so far. Enjoying it so far. Self crafted/found gear mostly. Still need Dex on belt and GG Ammulet. Flasks too, but it's such a pain to buy them lately. Trade is messed up.

I would consider changing the 15% more damage if lost endurance charge node. The totem node or warchief effect node also provide huge dps boost, without having to spend endurance charges. Just summon totem. Also went with free fire res node, as it makes gearing so much easier. Still 1/2 shotting most map bosses till tier 10, fully buffed.

May mess around and convert to tectonic slam if I get bored of conc path. Some testing says I can get 15 mill dps with it, with the set up I had in POB.

Is this viable to kill Sirus A8?
Love this build so far guys,
Any recomandation on what I could upg next ?
How do I enable One With Nothing in Path of Building? it doesn't seem to work. I think POB cant dual wield and be unarmed?
what is the min/max range of timeless jewel? cuz there are not jewels with that number in ultimatun league, if u can help me with that please
okay so, i'm lv 89 rn with 4k hp pushing t13 maps etc, how do you deal with getting stunlocked etc or avoid being oneshot, cuz in ultimatums i just fall over at some point around 6/10 ultis
Could I ask please, what is the advantage of Hallowed Palm in this build? Is there any reason to using it over having two weapons (and gloves)? As in, can one not dual wield with two weapons vs unarmed?

I'm trying to follow the build and see the advantage of hallowed palm, or is it more just for fun?

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