The Hallowed Grave and Dancing Skeleton Pet

Ok, the skeleton is insane LOL
Love the skeleton! Imagine if that megaphone it uses was a trumpet we would be 100% Doot Doot...
Ok, that pet is funny. Well done. Of course I'd never use a noncombat pet because in a game where not being able to see what's going on is the number one killer, anything that adds to visual confusion, even slightly, is bad, but still, cute animations.
I would like the skeleton if I was thirteen.
give map device a Hallowed MTX
lol I'm not sure why I thought that skelli was Chris Wilson right after his expansion delay announcement

its hilarious thought - nicely done
✰CARD✰ The Survivalist
I'm like a cat that started with 9 lives. I think I'm down to 6, but probably down to just 1.
this is the coolest thing that i have ever seen.
sdbeast wrote:
Best run animation in the game.

Just a lowly standard player, often found in global 2.
(Ignore the challenges completed this league. I'm only here to grab Heist by the pussy...I mean I want the cat pet!) :P

Current IGN: ThirteenFingers
That skeleton pet is cute af, I need it in my life!

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