3.12.4b Patch Notes

where uniq contracts? they wont drop
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Metamorph is lagging
Unique contracts extremely rare, i don't know why, been mapping and heisting the hell outta the game, got 2 maximum of them.

Too much clicking to pick up stuff, Strict filters useless, gotta run ++ to make the screen decently readable, this is getting beyond sanity at this point.

Also, trade's economy is falling apart, and it's creating incredible disparities between casual and hardcore players, first ones do like 1 ex per week at the best, the other do not even really care when they drop on the floor, really time to do something GGG, you're killing your potential new players.

And destroy the hell outta these golem builds, this is ridiculous, plenty of "GOLEM BUILD 100% DELI T19 AFK CAN WATCH MOVIE" build topics and you people arn't doing anything while these are blatantly broken and make botter's life much more easier (i've tested by curiosity : put a primordial might at 5c, i've had 20+ "players" instantly PM'ing me, seriously ?). For how many more leagues minion builds will be by far miles away ahead of all other builds while you do let them participate to economy's ruin without doing anything ? almost invicible + huge DPS/Burst + goes easily from league starter to end game destroyer, what's the point of playing something else ?

Time to work on what matters. Balance, economy and QoL, enough clicking useless trash on the ground, enough imba builds breaking everything.
TreeOfDead wrote:
where uniq contracts? they wont drop

Seems like that line in notes was jus a jebait.
The focus on Heists is nice, fixing the glaring bugs is always good.

However, this economy needs to be fixed. Putting Delirium in as a map mod was the worst idea GGG has come up with. As of 10/22 @9:30pm EST (NA) the exchange rate is sitting at a staggeringly low |__|1ex : 28c|__|

Please, next league, remove Delirium and return Legion to the Map Device.
Come on.. a month in and still getting CTD while in heist.
What happened to the currency drop in Heist.. was this another stealthy nerf??? You now get an average of 1-2c from lockpicking lvl83 contracts?

Is that just me.. or someone else noticed??

I would realy apreciate if this things were mentioned in the notes.. cause with an average of 1-2c, Heist contracts are not worth doing.
Heist is a fun mechanic, but personally not something I can continue doing all league long. It's kinda like blight. I don't want it every map, but I appreciate when I get it on maps here and there. Thank you GGG for being pioneers amongst aRPG's. <3 you.
The wolf pets are mad annoying, players with them just afk in town and when using the market board or adjusting my build or new characters these wolves just howl and howl and howl and god forbid there are more than one afk player with rotating howls from the wolves. Can you guys mute the howl?
Heis still crashing pls fix this. losing a lot of contracts for it. no idea what to do. from 10 contracts 5 crash and 2 lose

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