How We're Developing Our Next Expansion Differently

Sounds amazing. Keep up the good work Chris (and the rest of the team) <3
IGN: Archet

Been a tough year for everyone. Keep at it!
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I think this is going to be a good change for the game. I'm excited to see how this experimemt plays out.
Nice write-up Chris, I'm enjoying Heist and hope that your entire team is doing well in these tough times.
Having open transparency with your player base is such a breath of fresh air. You guys actually treat us like players instead of metrics on a spreadsheet unlike some other game companies *Cough* you know who I'm talking about *Cough*.
Keep up the good work guys.
yes Atlas update
Nice to hear an acknowledgement that there is indeed a problem with the current development cycle.
Wanna make expansion that blows away ?
1. Listen to people

2. Gives us god damn adventure mode to lvl up fast(so i dont have to do [Removed by Support] story countless times without having any challenge or fun, i wanna test builds and league not to repeat your [Removed by Support] story)

3. Your Challenge rewards [Removed by Support] (its a fact and had to be said, you rotate 3-4 different things like wings, footsteps, crapy wings and portals, where the hell are other parts and effects, if you can sell 100 of different ones per league u sure can give us something good for challenge rewards).

4. Wanna know why your league failed ? What makes you even think its smart to separate you league mehanic from base game (completely), you basicly have to waste twice as much time to clear this new boring map and do the league on the other side, 0 connection.

5. Stop making pointless abillities(spells/attack) if your not going to scale them correctly so its casualy manageable to push end game, like you did AGAIN this league.

6. Stop nerfing builds that doesnt need nerf, countless amount of them. Cos i was so freaking bored this league, made me leave after like 15 days of play cos there were like 10 viable builds that doesnt require me to grind day and night just so i can push the t16 and end game. (5/10 were stupid boring summoners)

Those are just some facts i got on mind, but im not going to touch Poe anymore till i see Poe2, cos you keep rushing and failing league after league...

oh ye...7. 3 month rotation is stupidly low, make it at least 6. In current situation you just cant keep your step.
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sounds good, thats the PoE we want!
I hope that there will still be a substantial meta shakeup each league, rather than just a polished but shallow league mechanic.

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