[3.12] 👌EMANCIPATED HOOKER👌 League Starter ✦ Chain Hook ✦ Chains Of Emancipation ✦

Flicker Strike 2.0? Or better? Yes. Somewhat wonky ability received huge indirect buffs in 3.12. Anomalous Version of Chain Hook just simply better over vanilla and rage generation from Chains of Emancipation paired with Call of Steel from reworked Steel Skills is busted.

Very pleasant build to begin your league and do everything and maybe even min max it later to another level.


Here is fully voiced VIDEO GUIDE:

▶ YOUTUBE full video guide and gameplay footage ▶



For future use.



Total expenditure was around 800 Chaos Orbs. Including overpriced Devouring Diadem during first week of Heist (300c) and overpriced Chains of Emancipations in first hours after unique release (200c).



Pastebin PoB (community fork!): https://pastebin.com/TnSYj0XL
PoB community link: https://pathofbuilding.community/



League Starter. I was able to clear red maps even without "required" uniques with 4c Sword.
All Content. With cheap gear you would net between 2-3 million Sirius dps. Plenty of headroom to improve.
Mods that will kill you: Physical Reflect.
Mods that are the pain: Temporal Chains Map curse. Chains of Emancipation is bugged and do not work with it atm.



Anomalous Chain Hook deal damage and put a lot of impale stacks from Champion and passive tree. Call of Steel granted from any Steel Skill effectively work like "impale stack mine" detonator imploding screen full of enemies.

Lord of Steel makes everything even better, while our insane Aura stacking with Sand and Blood Stances open up a lot of flexibility when it comes to DPS, AoE and tank variation.

Chains of Emancipation give us reliable source to cap our Rage and gain Curse Immunity. You just let an enemy to hit you and remove Temporal Chains with my favorite - Consecrated Ground from Holy Flame Totem.

Devouring Diadem takes care of our mana management, allows to stack 6 auras and synergize with bench crafted suffix on armor: Regenerate 60-120 Energy Shield per second while a Rare or Unique Enemy is Nearby.

And to be tanky, we use Fortify and Enduring Cry, with everything that scales it on our passive tree and Champion Ascendancy.

And to top it off we have our Berserk on demand thanks to reliable Rage generation xD







!Anomalous Chain Hook - pretty much build enabler thanks to increased radius.
!Divergent Flesh and Stone - stance swap DPS boost for 4 seconds.
Phantasmal Holy Flame Totem - faster totem placement.
!Anomalous Blood Rage - frenzy charge generation on bosses.
Anomalous Herald of Purity - minion taunt.
Anomalous Summon Ice Golem - bigger buff.
Divergent Multistrike - raw DPS boost .
Divergent Melee Physical Support - raw DPS boost.
Divergent Brutallity - raw DPS boost.
Divergent Fortify - raw DPS boost.
Divergent Pride - raw DPS boost.




You can level build easily with some trash rares, i have been using rare shield and weapon from act 4 until Ahn's might. Uniques above provide some reliable mana management and neat bonusses.

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A+ for effort but your gameplay clips consist of you proccing Culling Strike on 0% XP while struggling to breathe for air.
Not playing 3.20 - just a sm0l break, builds are still fine.
A+ for effort but your gameplay clips consist of you proccing Culling Strike on 0% XP while struggling to breathe for air.

You can always pour several dozen exalts into melee stacking for smother experience via extra dps or play minion builds. But this is not the scope of league starter on overlooked for ages ability that can go for A8 under 10ex in first week.

All of PoE doable on 5k HP with minimal resists without Fortify or Endurance charges. This build offer way way beyond that (50-60k EHP for phys and ele).

As for my 0xp (if it is even a metric), well not everyone fortunate enough to play on modern PC that is smooth 100% of the time. To be honest I even could not do Delirium thanks to my PC, let alone to record it in 1080 lol.
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How are you defending against spell damage in this build? I handle most things pretty well but any boss dealing high spell damage (like Atziri) just rocks my world.
Thanks for making this, I have really enjoyed this build (now up to level 93). I was just wondering why the Champion ascendancy is preferred for chain Hook over something like a max-block Gladiator to block both spell and attack damage.

I am still trying to figure out why I'm having so much trouble with Atziri and some similar bosses. I'm guessing that I must not be as efficient with my warcries. My hp is just over 6000 and my elemental resistances are all maxed. I have only played shadow up until now, and this is my first duelist build.

This has been a very fun build, I always wanted to do something with chain hook or flicker strike and this has been great.

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