New Hideouts and Super Stash Sale

I'm not sure why I would by most of these. The cloud and water ones are the only ones that seem useful. The others look like different versions of the Nebula Hideout. I player can almost do these exact same things, without spending a dime on these, and just use nebula hideout. I am disappointed.
As I wrote under one of the hideout presentation videos, this is a fine concept. But the price charged for them is a joke. The studio would earn much more by simply selling it cheaper. For that effort, a $1 price would be more fitting. Hell, make it even as much as $5. But $15 is ridiculous.

Dear GGGG, I love you and I love your product, but such actions are destructive for your reputation. And they're a prime meme material.

That being said, I'd like to note that I like the Sea and Abyss. Clouds one is kind of alright too, but it would use some fog above player's feet.
15$ for a texture? wtf?
Are you buying comments under these posts?
Wow. The time it takes to make one of these is not reflected in the price. Even combining all of them into a single "empty" hideout and give the player options to change texture would have been questionable for that price.

The textures dont even tile well. Probably the greediest mtx so far from you.

Im dissapointed.
Embarrassing. Had a hard time even swallowing the substandard level here. This is disrespectful to your customers. The water one was ok i guess. Cheers for the stuff you make that's actually good, but in this case you need and deserve negative feedback...
This is quite low....
I have three phones, Blizzard. Three f***ing phones.
GGG, here’s a suggestion. Retract all of these new hos, create a void/blank ho where players can freely chose and change the tile style for the ground. Charge $30 and problem solved. Disgruntled ho fanatics rejoice, and YouTube mtx trailer gets upvoted (ouch!)
Smithers was right.

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