[3.19] ⚛️ Qosmoz's ❄️ LL CoC Ice Nova/Spear Assassin ❄️ Ready for 3.19 Fun Lake Farming!!!

are the leveling POBs going to be updated?
Quick question about shield auras, I have Hatred / Zealotry / Grace on the shield, wwith 30% Reservation efficiency from the shield and the 20% efficiency from the reservation mastery, all these auras show that they use 33.33% of my hp but Im only able to activate 2, is there anything else necessary to have all 3 at the same time?
you need corrupt any jewel you have or buy one with the 2% reservation efficiency implicit to get 33% instead of 33.33%
Hello Qosmoz, will this build be revived for the Sanctum league? The unreserved mana and life have gone below 0.
Hi, will there be an update to 3.20 please?... thank you.

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