3.12 PvP balance

lapiz wrote:
relithh wrote:
From experience, there's no middle ground, either the nerf is too little, or too harsh to the extend of killing the skill completely. More often than not, its the latter. They also need to consider looking at defenses.

Edit : I also don't feel impale is busted or maybe a little on the new skills, however they always come at a cost. You could also utilize reduced reflected damage taken crafts from rings/chest or even from an ascendancy. Physical damage is really a good counter vs divine flesh PvP archetypes.

To be fair physical damage is really horrible in all forms in pvp.. It can be countered so easily with very little investment. It really isnt a good solution against divine flesh.

Whereas even if you take divine flesh as granted, there are very limited ways to reduce elemental damage and almost everything comes at a huge cost so you can't even combine everything.

Well that is also true, however that requires a player to completely -undo-respec into it. Rock, paper scissors.
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