3.12.4 Hotfix

3.12.4 Hotfix:

  • Fixed a bug where Einhar was not capturing Beasts.
  • Fixed a bug where "+1 Job Level" mods were not working for Blueprints in Heist.
Last bumped on Nov 2, 2020, 6:42:44 PM
Yay, go team!
Yeah, I was actually getting this one and was just running around with my new pets :)
Sad they can fix Einhar but not Agility missions being bricked and unrunnable.
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You are stupid, stupid Einhar
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Fixed a bug where Einhar was not capturing Beasts.

Thank God for this :)
here we go little beast! Away!
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
Could you just roll back whole thing to 3.11. seriously.

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