3.12.3c Hotfix

This entire league looks like unintended feature to be honest. Never had crashes before the "hotfix". Now on heists with Nenet I crash with all my party members
Why intensity and pinpoint stopped working for my cremation hello ?
Be water, my friend.
after patch i caa,t connect anymore and Loading alot on screen and disconect what happen ?
GGG why i can,t connect anymore after patch and alot of loading on screen and disconnect.
Didn't crash before but now every time I enter the game I crash almost instantly. I cannot play the game today. I've tried everything to fix it to make it playable but nothing seems to work.
The game is unplayable, when I go into the Crypt after about 5 minutes I just get slammed with a frozen screen. Luckily I can still use the PlayStation quick menu to force a close. and Heists still crash after doing 2 or 3 of them.

I have sent in crash reports, but I think those just go to Sony and not GGG.

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