[3.13] Burning Arrow Chieftain - 8M+ DPS ignites - Fast Clear - Faster Ignites

PoB updated for 3.13


2% regen loss due to Chieftain nerf. Everything else will function as before.
Will the blackflame ring work with this build?
I am not at home, so I can‘t access PoB;

I am wondering where you get your pierce from. I am trying to make a BA assassin build (because I like my dodge and runspeed) and while I am getting good dps numbers, I struggle to fit in pierce on tree and items. Would really appreciate if you could tell me how you solved the issue. Thanks!
Baconwaffle wrote:
Will the blackflame ring work with this build?

It will lower your dps, since you lower enemies fire resistance to achieve high ignite damage. You could fix this part by reducing the enemies chaos resist instead, BUT the additional stackable burn effect from burning arrow will still deal fire damage, because it is no ignite and thus not affected by blackflame. So now you‘d habe to lower chaos and fire resists.

So no: Blackflame will lower your overall damage against single targets because you can‘t take full advantage of lowered resists.
hi what would i path to for levelling? i normally get by following levelling trees
Greetings, do you heave a lvl guide ,i want to try this build for a long time .
And also ,this build require cluster jewels .coz i play ssf on ps4 ,and i got the bow drop .
When i equip 2 replica emberwakes i can't deal any ignite damage cuz of the reduced ignite duration what should i do in that case how to fix this ?
why does it says 8m+ dps ignites when pob says 3.2m dps 3.2m combined dps?

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